Beaches in Seabrook Island, SC

Seabrook Island Beaches

The beach areas of Seabrook Island cover three miles and offer distinct opportunities for all types of fun water activity. Being located off the Atlantic Ocean and snuggled up to the Edisto River, the island’s waterfront options are perfect for more experienced swimmers, young families, or those who simply enjoy the salty air with refreshments at hand. A lovely stroll around the island’s beaches will take you from one of the widest beaches in South Carolina along North Beach, around the Beach Bar located near the tip of North Beach, and up to the serene shores of Pelican Beach.

The North Beach Lagoon is located on the east side of the island up between the dunes and tidal creeks. Access to enjoy this lovely area is just past the North Beach Village by Ocean Forest. A sandy pathway leads you to a quiet cove of a delightful beach where dogs may run free of their leashes to play in the ocean’s waters. The secluded and uninhabited part of the island is a cloistered area for wildlife and hosts a huge mass of birds who decide to nest there. Vacationers and residents may see oyster catchers, blue heron, pelicans or many other species of shorebirds clustered around the water.

North Beach

North Beach, with the widest beach in South Carolina, is just below the Lagoon. Beachgoers may access North Beach from seven points off of Seabrook Island Road. Walking paths are located between Amberjack, Bonita, Cobia, Pompano, Loggerhead and Beach Comber Roads. Two other access points are located by Rolling Dune at North Beach Village just behind the Property Owners Community Center. Parking at the Community Center is restricted to residents of the island only.

Visiting North Beach is an exquisite way to do some surf fishing, biking on the beach, or simply enjoy the surf lapping at your toes. The sands are soft yet supple, and dolphin often strand feed in this secluded area. Strand feeding occurs when several dolphin work together to corral feeder fish and force them into tight balls that the dolphin then push onto the beach, leaving them stranded. The dolphin then jump out of the water onto their bellies in the sand to eat their catch. This particular feeding style is very rare, but it can be witnesse on North Beach during certain times of the year.

Pelican Beach

Those with young families or ones who aren’t strong swimmers may lounge comfortably at Pelican Beach. Pelican Beach is nestled by the north bank of the Edisto River resulting in no waves and still waters. Parents may take their children to this tranquil beach and enjoy the view of the Edisto with Edisto Island lingering on the south bank. Being a working channel, the river often has fishing boats, charters or other boating activity. This beach is a wonderful place for beginner kayakers, as there is simply no current to fight. The beach stretches wistfully between the Beach Club and Privateer Creek.

The Beach Club

The Beach Club sits on the edge of the ocean at the tip of North Beach and located just behind the Island House. The Club was built above the sands to offer a respite for those who need a place to either get out of the sun, or maybe enjoy the beach without getting into the salt water and sand. Two pools are located on the patio for kids and adults alike to play, and there is a full service restaurant and bar to serve your families needs.   Kids may wander inside and hit the arcade, while parents lounge in their beach chairs, with umbrellas protecting them from the sun, and overlook the beautiful beaches that make up Seabrook Island.