Home Build On Seabrook

Redefining Your Home Building Experience

As the owner of a Seabrook homesite, you have the unique opportunity to transform your lot into your own piece of paradise. Whether you have been holding on to the land as an investment, are beginning the design phase, or are in the process of finding the right architect or builder, we are here to help guide you through all of the first-rate options available to you.

Embrace Luxury Coastal Living on Seabrook

If you are considering building on your homesite, now is a great time! More American families are working from home than ever before, which has led to unprecedented demand. With home inventory shrinking and lower mortgage rates as a result of the booming market, new construction is becoming an increasingly popular alternative for homebuyers. Building the home of your dreams on your lot today is not only more attainable than ever before, but can also double as an investment into your future.

The New Home Collection

The New Home Collection is a new option for building on Seabrook Island. This program offers four architect-designed plans that are built with the highest quality materials and finest craftsmanship by a local team of seasoned professionals. This streamlined approach alleviates the unknown, mitigating the challenges, unexpected expenses, and headaches of building your home from the ground up.

Benefits the New Home Collection Offers

  • Four beautiful designs pre-approved by the SIARC & ready to build
  • Turn-key building process with fixed pricing & specifications in place
  • Elimination of lengthy building timelines & arduous decision-making
  • Streamlined process from selection of lot to layout to finishes

Custom Home Design

Have you been dreaming of your perfect home on Seabrook but are unsure where to start? Let me guide you through the process! After getting to know more about your wants and needs, lifestyle and livelihood, and preferred design style, I can help you through the most important steps of the homesite development process. From understanding the ARC review process to selecting a lot, and partnering with an architect and builder, I am here to guide you!

Benefits Custom Home Design Offers

  • Personalized designs that allow you to choose every single detail
  • Unique ability to control every aspect of budget & the home’s quality
  • Option to select an architect and builder that you truly connect with
  • Expression of you & your lifestyle with maximum functionality

Learn the Value of Your Lot

Did you know that 56 lots sold on Seabrook in 2020 vs 17 lots in 2019?

More individuals are working and schooling from home, enabling them to enjoy an untethered lifestyle from anywhere. As a result, families are now seeking a home that better meets their needs, especially in private communities that offer various amenities. With low-interest rates and limited inventory, new construction has become an increasingly popular solution. Right now, property values are at an all-time high, and we want to help you take advantage of the current market! Fill out the form below to learn the value of your lot!

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