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Position Description

This position is responsible to the Beverage Manager/Supervisor for providing superior beverage service to bar guests and service staff alike and for maintaining bar standards of cleanliness. The bartender will be responsible for cashiering for the restaurant and banquet cash bar functions, and is accountable for cash accuracy at the close of business.

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Essential Job Functions:

  1. Have an understanding of mixology, basic understanding of draft beer and soda systems, and moderate wine knowledge.
  2. Assure proper par levels an all beer, liquor, and wine according to par sheets. Note any discrepancies on the par sheet and verbally notify manager/supervisor at the beginning of shift.
  3. Bartenders shall be clean-shaven, showered and well groomed and shall come to work on time in a clean, pressed uniform.
  4. Proper and complete set up of banquet bars according to standard procedures.
  5. Become familiar with club members names, and what they drink.
  6. Provide proper fruit garnishes for all drinks.
  7. Keep the bar clean at all times. Follow opening and closing procedures. Complete daily and weekly scheduled cleaning tasks according to posted schedules.
  8. Keep glassware properly cleaned, sanitized, polished and stocked at all times while maintaining three compartment sinks.
  9. Be proficient and work towards mastering the computer point-of-sales systems.
  10. Make drinks quickly, neatly, and efficiently.
  11. Maintain a positive, friendly attitude towards guests, fellow employees and management at all times.
  12. Act as cashier for the bar and restaurant. Bartenders shall be accountable for cash accuracy at the close of the shift.
  13. Be flexible in both scheduling and ability to take direction from several managers- Beverage Manager, Restaurant Manager, Banquet Manager and Director of Operations.
  14. Provide professional, efficient service to bar patrons and service staff alike. Maintain focus on always providing superior customer service.
  15. Complete any other projects or tasks as assigned by Restaurant Managers or Food and Beverage Director
  16. Must maintain the policy of this company to conduct operations in a manner that will prevent injuries to people and damage to property and equipment and that will comply with all applicable regulations for safety and health.
  17. Promote and adhere to standards set by the Seabrook Island Club.
  18. Lead by example and promote the Seabrook Island Club’s mission to be a superior private club.

Job Requirements:

Education: High School diploma and two years bartending experience in upscale environment required. Recent graduates of mixology school with one year server, barback or some bartending experience will be considered. Must be familiar with state beverage service laws.

Experience: A Minimum of one-year successful bartending experience in a restaurant or club establishment is required for this position.

Skills: Excellent bartending skills and knowledge of a variety of mixed drinks is required. Computer literacy and fundamental computer point-of-sales skills are needed for this position. Excellent people skills, even under stressful, faced paced work situations, are required for this position. Strong organizational skills-the ability to work quickly, efficiently and neatly while focusing on providing superior customer service-are needed in this position. The ability to think on your feet, prioritize customer needs and requests and to do several things simultaneously is required.

Equipment to be used: Must be able to operate a touch screen computer running point-of-sales and cash registers. Knowledge of draft beer and soda fountain equipment as well as blender, frozen drink machines and other typical bar equipment is essential.

Typical Physical Demands: This position requires moderate strength and physical fitness. Must be able to lift and carry at least 50 pounds and remain standing for long periods of time. The position also requires repeated bending, stooping, reaching and a normal range of hearing and vision. Ability to remain on your feet for extended periods of time. Ability to handle high stress levels during service hours.. And the ability to work in extreme temperatures during long shifts.

Seabrook Island is Charleston's Truly Private Oceanfront Community. Membership in the Seabrook Island Club is required for ownership. Amenity use is for Members and their Guests Only. The Lakehouse is for use by Property Owners and their Guests as well.