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Position Description

To serve meals and achieve total member and guest satisfaction in line with established standards of service.

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Essential Job Functions:

  1. Properly set tables and sidework areas in dining room and kitchen.
  2. Greet guest at table and take orders, serving all meals and cocktails in a timely manner.
  3. Take, enter and assemble to-go orders.
  4. Ask the Chef in charge if there is a special request on an order.
  5. Serve all courses of meal using proper service.
  6. Remove dirty dishes, silverware and unused glassware.
  7. Give check to guest when meal is completed and ensure proper signature or payment of check by member/guest.
  8. Complete all opening and closing sidework for each shift and complete weekly cleaning duties as assigned by management.
  9. Attend all required staff meetings.
  10. Maintain a safe working environment for yourself and co-workers.
  11. Any tasks as assigned by a server captain, supervisor or manager.
  12. Maintain proper flow of service on assigned tables.
  13. Must be able to work under high volume situations.
  14. Must maintain the policy of this company to conduct operations in a manner that will prevent injuries to people and damage to property and equipment and that will comply with all applicable regulations for safety and health.
  15. Adhere to standards set by the Seabrook Island Club.
  16. Lead by example and promote Seabrook Core Values, Characteristics, Employee Constitution and Decision Making.

Job Requirements:

Education: High School Diploma or GED equivalent preferred.

Experience: 6 months restaurant service experience preferred.

Skills: Good communication skills required, ability to multi-task and work with others required. Good personality, hard work ethic and willing to be part of a team required.

Equipment to be used: Computer POS systems, coffee machine, ice tea machine, bread warmer, microwave, soup kettles, chafing dishes, any other miscellaneous restaurant equipment.

Typical Physical Demands: Ability to handle high stress levels during service hours. Ability to carry trays and miscellaneous items of up to 40 pounds.. This position requires moderate strength and physical fitness. The position also requires repeated bending, stooping, reaching and a normal range of hearing and vision. Requires ability to function professionally in a challenging and demanding environment as well as the ability to remain on your feet for extended periods of time.

Seabrook Island is Charleston's Truly Private Oceanfront Community. Membership in the Seabrook Island Club is required for ownership. Amenity use is for Members and their Guests Only. The Lakehouse is for use by Property Owners and their Guests as well.