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Dress Code for Golfers

Club Members and guests are asked to respect and adhere to the Club’s dress codes for all Club venues. Appropriate golf attire is required on the golf courses, driving range, and practice lesson areas.


  • Tucked shirts with collars and sleeves
  • Tucked mock turtleneck shirts
  • Slacks and golf shorts
  • Loose-fitting athletic warm-up/wind pants


  • Golf shirts (sleeveless shirts must have a collar / mock collar)
  • Dresses
  • Skirts/skorts, slacks, and golf shorts
  • Loose-fitting athletic warm-up/wind pants

Attire that is not permitted:

  • Leggings that are not accompanied by shorts or skirts
  • T-shirts
  • Bathing suits
  • Cut-offs
  • Cargo shorts or pants
  • Denim/jeans of any color
  • Tank tops and halter tops (No bare midriffs)
  • No tennis or workout attire
  • Short shorts of any kind (athletic/tennis/running)
  • Men are not permitted to wear hats/caps in the dining areas of the Island House.


  • Soft spike golf shoes, golf sandals, or flat-soled tennis/golf shoes are required.
  • Hard spike golf shoes and beach flip-flops are not permitted.

If attire is not appropriate, you may purchase appropriate attire at the Pro Shop. The Pro Shop and on-course personnel (Player’s Assistance) are available to answer any questions.


Useful Tips & Pointers

Divot & Ball Mark Repair

 Divot Repair

  • Do not replace divots – the grass will grow up through the soil over time
  • Use sand provided in sand bottles on each cart to fill the divot
  • Fill the divot until full, but do not overfill – overfilling can damage mower blades and negatively impact the lie of a later player’s ball
  • Use the same repair technique for divots in the rough
  • When leaving the cart to hit a shot, take a sand bottle with you – especially for shots within 75 yards

Ball Mark Repair

  • Use a ball mark repair tool or tee
  • Insert repair tool/tee around the outside edges of the ball mark
  • As you repeatedly insert tool/tee push the turf in towards the center of the ball mark – do not lift the turf up as you do so
  • Continue the process until the ball mark is “filled in”
  • Use a club or your foot to gently tap down the raised turf to smooth out the putting surface
  • Look around and repair other ball marks on the green without unduly slowing down play


Bunker Care & Maintenance

1. Enter and exit the bunker from the “low” side

  • Prevents sand from being pushed down the face of the bunker
  • Safer – steep slopes can be difficult to navigate and may cause injury

2. Smooth sand with the rake as you exit the bunker

  • Take the rake into the bunker before you hit your shot
  • Retrace your steps as you exit

3. Leave the rake outside the bunker

  • Point handle back towards the fairway
  • Place rake away from approach-to-green areas

4. Tap sand off the bottom of your shoes after you exit the bunker

  • Prevents tracking sand onto the green

5. If you see another unraked area in the bunker, please rake it also

  • Do so quickly so as not to delay play


Plastic Conservation & Recycling

Plastic Conservation

  • Reducing plastic use and waste helps reduce our carbon footprint
  • Water bottles in each cart were reduced from four to two
  • Water refill stations were installed at all course restrooms
  • Use refill stations to refill and reuse your water bottle
  • Even better, bring your own water bottle and refill it as necessary


  • Near the tee box of each hole are trash cans (lids have larger openings)
  • About every third hole, there is also a recycling trash can (lids have small, round openings)
  • Put cans AND bottles in the recycling cans – they will be separated later
  • All other trash goes into the regular trash cans
  • Any trash or cans/bottles left in the cart will be disposed of properly by the cart barn

Cart Procedures

Cart Procedures:

1. Proper use of motorized golf carts is important for maintaining high-quality turf
  • Green and white stakes are used for cart traffic control
  • Do not drive over them or in between them
  • Drive past them before entering the rough / fairway of the hole
2. Seabrook Island Club has instituted the 90-degree rule for cart traffic
  • Signs are posted on several tee box areas of both courses indicating whether the 90-degree is in effect or if it is “cart path only”
  • Par three holes are always “cart path only”
3. When the 90-degree rule is in effect:

  • Drive the cart on the cart path until you reach the distance of your ball on the hole
  • Drive onto the course at a 90-degree angle until you reach your ball
  • After hitting your shot, drive on the fairway / rough until you reach your ball and hit your next shot
  • Once the ball is within 75 yards of the green, drive your cart, at a 90-degree angle, back to the cart path
4. Park your cart on the cart path
  • Make sure all four wheels are on the cart path
  • Do not drive the cart off the cart path near tee boxes and greens
  • Allow enough room for other carts returning to the clubhouse to pass and still stay on the cart path

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