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New Horizons Plan

The New Horizons Plan was a $10 million capital improvement project focused on strategic enhancements based on member feedback and club industry trends.

There were four primary areas included in the plan; Beach Club Pool renovation, Ocean Winds Golf Course renovation, Pelican’s Nest Bar renovation and various renovations to the Island House including dining room modifications, décor updates and the addition of a ground level pedestrian entrance.

Ocean Winds Golf Course - Behind the Renovation

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the hours of the Pelican’s Nest and Osprey Café be impacted this year when the pool renovation begins?

No, the hours of Pelican’s Nest and the Osprey Café will continue as per the 2019 posted hours. The pool renovation will still allow access to the Nest, Café and Seabrook Shoppe.

Is there a communication plan regarding construction and project updates?

Yes. In addition to our normal communication methods of the Veranda and email blasts, this web page will be  dedicated to the New Horizons project status and will be updated periodically with written project status reports, images, video clips and, we hope, with a live camera feed that will cover the pool area.

If we get hit with another hurricane or tropical storm this year, will this impact the construction timeline of the pool renovation?

I think it goes without saying that any delay the pool renovation project receives could impact the finish date of the pool. While no specific construction schedule has been completed, we can probably absorb some delays and still finish in May 2020, which is our intent.

Why would we close Ocean Winds in May, rather than in the winter months?

Approximately half of the time Ocean Winds is closed will be the actual earth-moving design work (the fun stuff) and the other half dedicated to grow-in. It’s important to have the design work complete so that the grass grow-in period is during the best weather conditions in which to grow Bermuda grass, which are the warmer months.

Is renovating the bar at Pelican’s Nest really necessary, considering we are building a new bar within the pool complex?

This is a point that we pondered a great deal.  The Pelican’s Nest bar has been incredibly popular, but it is too small for the demand, both for the guest AND for the employee. In order to do our best to keep up with demand, our staff needs a larger work area to serve more members. The current Pelican’s Nest bar can only fit two employees…any more and it actually slows down the process.

While we are building a new pool bar, the hours will be very different from the Nest. The pool bar will continue to be primarily a daytime operation, thus leaving the Pelican’s Nest bar as the primary bar service provider at the Beach Club.

How will the Palmetto Room be designed? Will the dress code be changed?

Details on design, furniture, fixtures, etc. have not yet been determined. Conceptually, however, the Palmetto Room ambiance and aesthetics will be changed to be more casual, capturing a “casual lowcountry” feel.  In regards to the dress code, this will most likely be changed to the current Bohicket’s Lounge dress code.

Have you determined how accessibility of Crooked Oaks will be handled during the time Ocean Winds is closed? The golf courses have been getting busier over the years and I’m concerned that I won’t be able to get a tee time.

Our focus will be on member accessibility to Crooked Oaks. Many of our outside events will be rescheduled and our reciprocal relationships will be significantly restricted.  Additionally, we will open tee times earlier at 7:00 am and will do a lighter aerification to Crooked Oaks to minimize closure. It’s important to remember that there will be some inconvenience and crowded conditions at times, but, as with any improvement plan, there is always a little pain associated with getting better and stronger.