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5 Ways to Get Active on Seabrook Island

Posted 03/27/2019

Although getting the blood pumping and the endorphins flowing is a year-round activity, there’s never a better time to get active than in the spring. The weather is finally starting to warm up again, the flora is in full-bloom, and you just seem to have more motivation to stick to your fitness goals. In celebration of our first couple weeks of spring, here are five ways to get active on Seabrook Island!

Take a Group Fitness Class

If you’re in need of a friend or two to encourage you on your fitness journey, why not take a group fitness class filled with people with the same mindset as you? The SIPOA Lake House offers a number of group fitness classes. Whether you’re a yogi-in-training or an aerobics master, there is something to fit your interests.

Get Your Cardio On at the Lake House

The SIPOA Lake House isn’t only for group exercise classes. This large facility is actually a 27,500 sq. ft. that houses treadmills, adaptive motion trainers, recumbent bikes, spinning bikes, and rowing machines. Plus, those are just the equipment on dry land!

The Lake House also has an outdoor activity pool with five swimming lanes that’s perfect for children and adults alike. If braving an outdoor pool in the fall isn’t in your agenda, there is a five-lane, twenty-five yard indoor pool that is temperature regulated throughout the seasons. This indoor luxury allows members and guests the ability to keep training to be the next Phelps, without the addition of a wet suit.

Swimming pool at the Lake House, one of the many club amenities on Seabrook Island

Join a Special Interest Group

Seabrook Island’s residents are passionate people who love sharing what they enjoy with others. We have several fitness-related special interest clubs, such as the Seabrook Swimming Club. Plus, there are others that are not directly focused on exercise, but that will still get you moving around outside, such as Turtle Patrol.

Take a Walk Along the Beach

One of Seabrook Island’s greatest features are the exclusive private beaches. Altogether, we have about four miles of shore upon which you can walk, jog, and even ride horses. If you’d like to take a moment to rest, there are nine boardwalks that allow you to slow down and take in the view.

Seabrook Island Beaches

Rent a Bike

There are two bike rental shops located in Freshfields Village: Alligator Bike and The Island Bike & Surf Shop. Once you get your bike, take it for a spin on some of Seabrook Island’s many bike paths that wind through acres of protected forests and alongside the Edisto River. For more information about biking on Seabrook, take a look at our biking page.

With so many options for getting active on Seabrook Island, you’re bound to find a few that you like! Still looking for more? Head on over to the amenities page, where you can discover more about the various sports activities we offer, such as golf and tennis. Start your spring off right by conquering your fitness goals!

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