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7 Unforgettable Experiences to Have When You Visit Seabrook Island

Posted 08/26/2016

Once you visit the dreamy beachfront community of Seabrook Island, you’re never really the same. This place simply has a way of changing you, of getting a hold of your soul and never letting go. And while much of that is due to the island’s inherent beauty, it also has to do with the fact that Seabrook is more than just a place — it’s an experience.

There are certain things you can do when you’re here that you can’t do anywhere else, and those things have a inimitable quality. So the next time you come to town, give one (or more) of the following pastimes a try. We promise you’ll never forget your trip.

Celebrate your little swashbucklers on a pirate voyage

You’ll secure cool parent status for life when you set sail on the Black Ghost out of Bohicket Marina with your budding buccaneers! Pirates of Charleston offers an hour and a half long adventure cruise where your kids can dress like pirates, get their faces painted, earn their own pirate name, learn how to speak like a swashbuckler, and embark upon a treasure hunt on the high seas. Don’t worry, moms and dads — the Black Ghost is Coast Guard inspected and approved.

Learn about local biodiversity at Camp St. Christopher

Coming from someone who spent many summers visiting Camp. St. Christopher as a child, I can tell you it’s the kind of experience kids can’t shake… nor do they want to. Located on over 314 acres of beach, maritime forest and undisturbed salt marsh on Seabrook, Camp St. Christopher fosters a true love and appreciation for our coast’s unique biodiversity. Your child will relish activities like walking in the woods, examining marsh water through a microscope, swimming near dolphins, and fishing off the dock. You can even get in on the fun — if your kid is in kindergarten through second grade, you can come to camp with them for a small stipend.

Take a horseback ride through the North Beach surf

There’s a reason horseback rides on the beach are featured so prominently in cinema: they are every bit as magical as they’re made out to be. There’s just something about trotting along the huge expanse of sand at North Beach  hearing your horse’s hooves hit the water, watching the waves break in the distance, and tasting the tangy salt air in your lungs that makes a person feel truly alive.

Grab a bite and watch the boats come and go at Bohicket Marina & Market

Nestled between Kiawah and Seabrook, Bohicket Marina & Market is the perfect place to dock a boat — or sit outside and watch them roll in. While this may not be the flashiest way to spend the day, there’s something incredibly restorative about digging into a coconut lime mahi mahi taco (or three) from Nacho Mama’s Taqueria and watching the occasional dolphin fin break through the sea’s glassy surface.

Sink a hole-in-one at Crooked Oaks Golf Course

Any golfer will tell you that Seabrook is hard to beat for its spectacular scenery and distinctive challenges. Bonus? Crooked Oaks is the only golf course in the Lowcountry that was designed by the famous Robert Trent Jones, Sr., whose masterful courses can be found in 43 or the 50 States and in a whopping 35 countries.

Cruise out of the Bohicket Charter Dock for world-class fishing

You never know what you might pull up when you charter a boat and cast your line in the waters off the coast of Seabrook. But from Spanish mackerel to marlin and sharks, you can rest assured that whatever you reel in will be worth the excursion. If you haven’t crossed the threshold from hobbyist to avid fisherman yet, don’t worry — the world-class fishing you’ll find when you charter a boat out of Bohicket will take your obsession to the next level.

Catch a spectacular sunset at Pelican Beach

The locals affectionately refer to this beloved spot as “Sunset Beach”… for obvious reasons, of course! Because Seabrook has some of the longest spans of beach along the Carolinas’ coastline, it boasts some of the best leisurely beach activities — and that most certainly includes soaking up the spectacular sunsets that are essentially a given during the late summer. Cozying up on a pristine stretch of sandy beach beneath the crimson cast of the setting sun? Yes, please.


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