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A Thanksgiving Tradition: Ways to Celebrate on Seabrook

Posted 11/25/2020


Photo by Bre Bogert

Thanksgiving is just one day away, and here on Seabrook Island, South Carolina, there is plenty to be grateful for! While Turkey Day may look a little different this year, there are plenty of safe, family-friendly activities to make your holiday special. To help you make the most of Thanksgiving, we are giving you an inside look into some of the ways that our local Seabrookers commemorate the holiday.

Celebrating Thanksgiving Near Charleston, South Carolina

Before it’s time to pass the potatoes and pumpkin pie, enjoy the company of loved ones with some fun, family-friendly activities that everyone will enjoy. Make sure to add these festivities to your Turkey Day agenda.

Hold a Festive Scavenger Hunt

While the most popular scavenger hunt might be for candy-filled Easter eggs, that doesn’t mean it isn’t just as fun in the fall! Grab a few petite pumpkins from one of our local pumpkin patches and tie treats to the stem or hollow them out to stuff with goodies. Get creative with your pumpkins: paint them with a fun design or draw funny faces before hiding them around your home and yard. If you are low on time, festive favor boxes are an easy alternative to real pumpkins. You can also opt for an easy, fun printable scavenger hunt that will keep your little ones happy until the main course. Happy hunting!

Soak Up the Southern Scenery

Whether you are working up an appetite or conquering post-feast drowsiness, getting outdoors and enjoying our gorgeous coastal weather is a perfect way to pass the time. Boost your heart rate and burn some calories with a scenic stroll along our pristine South Carolina beaches. Pelican Beach is the best spot to enjoy a vibrant evening sky, set up a bonfire, and listen to the waves crash against Seabrook Island’s coastline. Equally as picturesque as Sunset Beach, North Beach is great for active families, nature lovers, and furry, four-legged friends. The beach is open for walking, biking, and sandcastle building – all of which can help your little ones run off a sugar rush!

Give Back To Our Local Community

As you are reflecting on the things you are most grateful for this year, you may want to consider giving back to the local Seabrook community. With the unprecedented year that we have experienced, many families are in great need of financial support. We are proud of our community spirit and encourage fellow Seabrookers to join us in making it a better place. If you would like to get involved, you can participate in our Christmas Angel donation drive for the Salvation Army. Visit the Seabrook Island Real Estate office today to adopt your angel and give the gift of Christmas to a local child in need. You can also adopt an angel virtually this year. Please make sure to drop off your new, unwrapped gifts at our office by 5:00 pm on December 10th. Other ways to help our community this holiday include volunteering at a local soup kitchen, food pantry, or non-profit organization serving food to those who otherwise would be without.

Create Your Own Thanksgiving Tradition

Whether a festive family game or holiday movie marathon, creating your own tradition will make Thanksgiving feel even more special over the years. If you don’t yet have your own, Seabrook Island Real Estate Agent Michael Furlong won’t mind if you borrow his! Each year around the holiday season, the Furlongs’ family and friends share a Thanksgiving meal of smoked turkey, home-made cranberry sauce, mac and cheese, and collard greens, a traditional southern staple. After the meal, everyone changes into pajamas, and they spend the night sipping on bourbon and roasting s’mores in rockers around the backyard fire pit. Sounds like a great way to spend the holiday to us!

Have your own fun family tradition? Share it with us on Facebook and Instagram!

Host a Virtual Meal with Family & Friends

Though we may not all be together this year, we can still spend some quality time with those we love. Connect with your extended family and friends who can’t be at the table this year with a virtual Thanksgiving celebration. Embrace the spirit of the season by taking turns listing what you are most grateful for this year before sitting down for your feast. After the meal, you can even play Facetime-friendly games like Charades!

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble: Enjoy Your Feast

You certainly can’t forget Thursday’s main event: the long-awaited Thanksgiving feast. If you haven’t quite nailed down what to make this year, here are a few delicious dishes that our locals will have on the table (next to the smoked turkey and honey glazed ham, of course). Bon appétit!

The Seabrook Island family wishes you a warm holiday full of delicious feasts and fun festivities! This Thanksgiving, we’ll be taking some extra time to reflect on how grateful we are for our beautiful island and our wonderful community of Seabrookers.

Don’t forget to kick off this year’s holiday season right from your driveway with our socially-distant Seabrook Island Holiday Parade on Friday, November 27th at 4:15 pm. The parade will be starting on Seabrook Island Road near The Village and will complete the loop around the island on Seabrook Island Road at 5:15.

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