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Biking Around Seabrook Island

Posted 02/06/2020

Biking Seabrook Island

There are many things to do on Seabrook, and biking is a great way to enjoy the natural beauty of the island while getting exercise in the fresh air. Bike rentals are available at Alligator Bike – (843) 559-8200, or The Island Bike & Surf Shop – (843) 768-1158 located in Freshfields Village. Recommended bike routes give riders quick access to the crabbing dock and boat ramp. So, a quick ride to catch some blue crab for dinner is fun and easy! Then, you may wind around the trails by the Golf Oak Park on the way to the Lake House to hit the gym, or to the Equestrian Center for a riding lesson, or maybe the Racquet Club for some one on one tennis. Coming around the corner of the park, riders can venture over to Privateer Creek down Baywood Drive.

The view heading through St. Christopher Oaks Homes is spectacular with beautiful houses sprinkled along the edges of the exclusive Camp St. Christopher preserved forest. Over 300 acres of forest are protected, and the quiet solitude of a breezy ride along the forest takes you to the edge of the Edisto River toward Pelican Beach. Stop by for a cocktail or quick brunch at the Island House before heading back out toward the open sands of North Beach.

Biking is highly recommended on Seabrook, and the following safety rules should be maintained. Riders need to ride single file on the right side of the road, and automobile drivers must be aware of the 25 mph speed limits. Speed limits are strictly enforced. Drivers should not pass bicyclists on the roundabouts, as they have the right of way, or pass other vehicles unless they are waved past. Bicyclists are required to have lights on their bikes after dark.

If you happen to see wildlife while biking, please do not try to touch the animals. Bobcats, fox or raccoons may seem friendly. However, they are wild animals and should not be approached! Seabrook is also home to alligators, and children and pets should be kept away from the water’s edge at the various lakes on the island. Avoid feeding any animals except for birds!   The island is full of wonder and beauty, so we must respect the presence of wildlife that share our spectacular experience.

Check out a map of all the Seabrook Island Bike Routes here.


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