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Bohicket Marina Dolphin Slam

Posted 04/22/2014

The inaugural Bohicket Marina Dolphin Slam will be held on May 3rd, 2014.  The event was scheduled to open up interest to the fishing community ahead of the Billfish Tournament coming up in June.  The water is perfect for dolphin fishing in May before they move on due to warm water.  The tournament will begin with lines in at 7am and lines out by 3pm.  The rules allow for anglers to catch their fish anywhere.  Fishing does not have to start at the marina.  However, weigh in must occur at Bohicket Marina between 3-6pm.  The catch may be delivered to the marina by boat or by car, but it must arrive during weighing hours to be considered for a prize.

There will be a Captain’s meeting on May 2nd at 6pm to discuss all rules and regulations set for the event.  Those can be downloaded here.  Committee boats will be organized to manage the tournament at that time.  If the weather doesn’t hold up, a rain date is scheduled for May 4th.   One of the most important things to note is that electric reels, bandit reels and “Green Sticking” are not allowed.  Traditional rods and reels are acceptable with no limits on bait or lures.  In case of a tie, the first fish weighed will be the winner.  Prizes are based on individual fish weight and not the total aggregate weight of the day’s catch.  For more information, call John at 843-768-1280.

All prizes will be based off how many entries will be received, and the following are an example based off of 20 participants.  First place will receive $2400, Second place receives $800, and Third place will get $400.  At least one member from the boat must be present during weigh in for each fish.  The entry fee for this event is $200 due by May 2nd.  In the event of a boat cancellation, the request must be received by 8am on May 3rd to be considered for a refund.

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