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2014 Fall Fun at Freshfields

Posted 10/31/2014

Freshfield’s Village, located just outside of Seabrook Island, celebrated its Annual Fall Festival recently.  Live music was provided by a married duo who are the backbone of Gracious Day, Beth and Mike Thompson.  The event was held from 11-3pm.  Cupcake vendors, food trucks, and organic farmers brought out their best, and the crowds ate it up!  Photographers and artists congregated in the arts section and presented beautiful arrays of color and local beauty.  The Gullah Lady sat and told stories from the Gullah culture to children and parents alike.

People buzzed around the R&C Barbecue smoker, as James Roper, Jr handed out plates full of ribs, pulled pork, mac and cheese and more.  Their tent is often seen at Freshfields, and we know why.  The ribs, smoked with a dry rub, are some of the most delicious in the tri-country area.  Sweet and succulent, the juicy meat falls tenderly off the bone as you lick the sweet flavors from your fingertips.  Their pulled pork is picked free of fat and requires little sauce, as it has been smoked to the perfect consistency and with profound flavors.  Mac and cheeses nestles against perfectly cooked collard greens as sides.  Simply delicious!

MC Cannon Farms owner, Justin Cannon, brought out some of his best meats.  Chickens run free at their farm in Moncks Corner and safe from hungry coyotes.  The agriculturalists focus on providing a well rounded diet to their beef, which consists mostly of grass and home grown grain.  While the farm is not 100% GMO free, they are working towards having all of their feed grown on-site and are quickly reducing their GMO footprint.  All of their animals are steroid and hormone-free with no antibiotics or vaccinations used.  They accept telephone orders for pickup or delivery, and they also offer discounts for large orders to restaurants or private functions.

Kaylea Cakes and Cupcakes decorated the event with gorgeously prepared delicacies ranging from gingerbread cupcakes to vanilla bean with chocolate.  Coiffed with simple yet flavorful icings, the cakes were curiously sweet and original.  They offer cakes for all types of events and are reasonably priced.  If you are craving a little piece of Heaven to end your workday with, make sure to check out this blossoming bakery.

Freshfield’s Harris Teeter is always bustling with activity, and people crowded the Starbuck’s inside.  Steaming cups of vanilla latte’s, cappuccino’s, and coffee were poured en masse.  Edging inside the store, sales abounded with people picking up pumpkins, acorn squash and other Fall favorites.

Other recent events at Freshfield’s this month have included the Beer and Wine Festival.  For the 8th year, the benefit has given money to the Barrier Islands Free Medical Clinic.  Ann Caldwell provided the entertainment while people noshed on bites offered from local restaurants and perused the silent auction.

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