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Horses of Seabrook: Get to Know Your Ride!

Posted 04/10/2019

Seabrook is one of the only full-service equestrian centers on the East Coast that features both scenic trail and beach rides. Our well-mannered and experienced horses are the stars of the equestrian center and we consider them to be members of the Seabrook family! It’s time that more people knew our wonderful team members by name. Get to know the horses of Seabrook below:

Horses for Beginners


Nick the horseIf you’ve never been on a horse before, Nick is your go-to steed. Nick is a Sorrel Quarter horse and he’s been with the Seabrook family for many years now. He is an excellent choice for beginners of all ages.


Fancy the horseFancy is our chestnut Quarter horse for child riders. Before she came to Seabrook, she competed in Western Pleasure, which is a competition in which the best-mannered horses win.

Horses for Intermediate and Advanced Riders


Leo the horseLeo is a fellow with spunk. He’s one of our Paint horses who loves cantering along the beach or the trail and he can be ridden English and Western. He is our only horse exclusively for more advanced riders.

Good All-Around


Fred the horseAlthough Fred is a Paint, his coloring is atypical. With his two white socks and glossy chestnut coat, Fred could win a beauty competition. But his true value is in his sweet disposition that’s perfect for riders of all levels, on the beach or on the trails.

Lacey Gold (Lacey)

Lacey Gold the horseLacey is beloved by all and she never met a stranger. Our girl Lacey is one of the lesson horses and she has energy to spare. When she’s not on trails or at the beach, she’s competing in shows.


Silky the horseSilky is a Marsh Tacky mare, which is the South Carolina state horse. Marsh Tacky horses are considered endangered breeds, so we’re lucky to have her here with us!


Dewey the horseIf you’re looking for a horse with plenty of trail experience, Dewey is your man. He knows every bend of the Seabrook trails and he is a pleasure for both novice and advanced equestrians.


Lady the horseYou’ll most often catch Lady hanging out in the fields with her best friend and beginner’s horse, Fancy. With the white blaze on her forehead and three white socks, she’s easy to pick out from the others. Before she came to Seabrook, she was an English lesson horse and she is a dream with riders of all ages.

Now that you know a little bit more about the horses of Seabrook, why not come out to meet them in person? Contact the Seabrook Island Equestrian Center to learn more about guided trail rides, pony rides, riding lessons and more!

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