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Kayaking on Seabrook Island

Posted 02/04/2020

Kayaking through Seabrook

Kayaking through the canals, rivulets, and on the ocean front of Seabrook Island is a fun and fairly inexpensive way to view the exquisite view from the water.  Paddling gently through the calm waters allows you to free your mind and escape daily life rituals while getting close to shorebirds, like the oyster catcher, brown pelican or black skimmer, that are commonly found on South Carolina beaches.  Becoming one with our ecosystem on a kayak is just one way to experience the exclusive coastal area of Seabrook.

Kayak Fishing

Fishing aboard a kayak will allow you to experience both sports in a more intimate way while bringing you closer to Seabrooks natural resources.  You can maneuver through more difficult marshlands on a fishing kayak more easily than a boat to find various aquatic life that tends to live in these hard to get to areas.  Redfish and flounder are commonly found living in the shallow water along land’s edge.

Kayak tours and rentals will soon be available through SeabrookIsland.com!

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