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Experiencing Kick It at Bohicket

Posted 06/16/2014

Attending Kick It at Bohicket on Wednesdays throughout the summer is perhaps one of the best things you can do for yourself and your family.  cc The event offers a variety of fun activities for kids to enjoy while parents can indulge in a cocktail while watching the sun set behind the beautiful yachts parked in the marina’s slips.

As we arrived with the kids, we first noticed Mr. Frazer from Frazer’s Bait and Tackle gathering guesses from children up to 14 years old for a chance to win a free pass to the teen fishing tournament the next morning.  Kids attempted to figure out how many fishing weights were in a mason jar.  The number was between 1 and 500, and the person with the winning guess this week got it right at 156!

A DJ booth was set up with a “dance floor” nearby, and children  and adults of all ages shagged their way through popular beach songs.  Line dancing, including the Electric Slide, was a huge hit for ladies.  Approximately 400 people lounged in the expansive dock area watching dancers boogie while sipping on refreshments from the Frazer Bar and Grill or Reds IceHouse.  For those of you who have not yet seen the marina, there are tables spread throughout the deck, and there is a beautiful round shallow pool that reflects the sunlight in a gorgeous array of sparkling glitter.

Laughing and singing along with the DJ’s hits, parents could be seen twirling their children around and dancing with little ones clinging to their parents’ necks with glee.  A little girl entertained us with her version of the “shag”, a dance made popular in South Carolina and showcased by Phoebe Cates in a locally filmed movie, Shag.  Children also enjoyed beautiful face paintings by one of the best artists in town.  The artistry on each child’s face was as individual and original as a young Monet’s might have been.

While we sipped on our cocktails, our kids ventured out and acquired balloon animals, which were created by a talented local balloon artist.  Dolphins, spiders, and other cool creatures were making their way through the crowds with giggling boys and girls proudly waving them in delight.   A bounce house was located just off to the right, and you could hear the screams of happy children drifting through the air.

As the sun went down, the beautiful sky reflected the reds, blues and purples off the ocean that are so well known at Seabrook Island.  Bohicket’s Marina is a gorgeous spot to sit and simply enjoy a cool breeze while watching the sun set off the Atlantic Coast.  The weekly Kick It At Bohicket  should be on your list of summer activities for your family, as the free event is simply exquisite in both beauty and fun entertainment.  Stroll along alone and enjoy the docks as well.  The view is incredible!


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