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Wine + Cheese Night at Seabrook Island Club

Posted 11/20/2018

Club dinner at Seabrook Island

Are you an avid wine connoisseur that has mastered the art of selecting the perfect red blend? Or maybe, you love a rich cabernet and don’t know a lot about wine, but you’d love to know more? Whether you’re new to wine or a veteran in Pinot tastings, come out to Seabrook Island club on November 24th for an unlimited amount of gourmet cheese selections from around the world with all of the appropriate accompaniments paired with the perfect glass of wine.

Pairing the ideal blend with the right cheese is sure to send your taste buds on a savory excursion and can even spark some ideas for your next dinner party. There’s a certain yin and yang to wine and cheese that certainly doesn’t go unnoticed, especially when it’s the perfect combination of flavors. The chefs on Seabrook Island pride themselves in their expertise pairing skills that are sure to impress wine and cheese lovers across the low-country. If you haven’t experienced a Seabrook Island night of wine tasting and dining, this is the perfect chance to indulge your appetite.

After you’ve tasted your way through the late afternoon, finish off your evening with an entree from the Seabrook Island Club’s nightly features or regular a la carte menu. The perfect Saturday night spent with friends, great wine and excellent cheese is waiting for you at the Seabrook Island Club. To find out more information about the event, visit the monthly calendar here.

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