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Safely Preparing for Hurricane Season 2020

Posted 08/07/2020


planning ahead for hurricane season

Seabrook Island is a private oceanfront community that enjoys ideal, temperate weather for most of the year. The premier location of our serene barrier island attracts residents and visitors alike to come experience Seabrook’s expansive beaches and captivating Charleston wildlife. However, like many coastal communities, Seabrook Island is subject to potential hurricanes and tropical storms.

As we move through this hurricane season, following the most recent Tropical Storm Isaias, the safety of our residents and visitors continues to be our top priority. Read on for more information about emergency preparedness on Seabrook Island and how to make the best decisions in the event of a severe weather threat.

When is the 2020 Hurricane Season in South Carolina?

Hurricane season in South Carolina runs from June 1 to November 30, peaking from August to September.

Plan Ahead

Before a storm touches down on Seabrook Island, the following steps should be taken to minimize confusion in the event of an emergency:

  • Sign up for severe weather alerts. Code Red, Smart911, Red Cross Safe and Well provide text updates to your mobile device.
  • Familiarize yourself with local evacuation routes.
  • Make an Emergency Kit with food, water, and medical supplies. Our suggested list of essentials can be found here.
  • Keep a list of important phone numbers & disaster resources. Pack important personal and legal documents to bring with you in waterproof Ziploc bags.


2020 hurricane evacuation precautions


After taking the necessary planning steps, continue to monitor the progress of the storm. Evacuation may be the best choice to keep you and your family safe. Before a hurricane evacuation, don’t forget to:

  • Bring all outdoor furniture inside. High winds can even move the heavier outdoor items and cause damage.
  • Close shutters and blinds.
  • Remove perishable items from your refrigerator in case power is lost during the storm.
  • Fill your car with gas. You will need enough gas to travel beyond the evacuation zone and fueling opportunities along the way may be limited due to high demand.
  • Make arrangements for lodging for your family & your pets. Ensure hotels and rentals allow pets if necessary.

Returning Home

Return to Seabrook Island only after the Town of Seabrook Island has given the ‘All Clear’. To find this information, call 888-314-3177 or visit our website. These actions should be taken immediately after you return to Seabrook:

  • Be aware and cautious of animals that may have taken shelter around your home.
    Immediately leave your home if you smell gas, which is similar to the scent of sulfur or rotten eggs. Do not turn on any appliances or lighting. Call 911 and your utility company to notify them of the leak.
  • Check and assess damage to your home and property.
  • Purchase food & other supplies to restock essentials in your home.
  • Start debri clean up including the removal of broken limbs or fallen trees. Avoid contact with power lines.

Hurricane Preparedness During COVID-19

Hurricane season 2020 precautions will differ from previous years, with the COVID-19 pandemic presenting new precautionary measures for emergency planning. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests starting early with weather-related event planning to provide ample time to safely follow COVID-19 guidelines. Per recommendations from the CDC, effective COVID-conscious hurricane preparations involve:

  • Home delivery for emergency supplies if possible. Avoiding large crowds at grocery and convenience stores is ideal.
  • Knowledge of the signs and symptoms of COVID-19 in case a family member or friend becomes sick before or during hurricane emergency procedures.
  • Extra precautions when planning your lodging if evacuation is imminent. Speak with family or friends you plan to stay with and contact lodging accommodations to stay up-to-date as you travel. Remember to follow social distancing and mask wearing protocol to avoid spreading germs in the unlikely case that you’ll need to evacuate.

In addition to these added safety measures, our public safety officials at Seabrook Island have developed some area-specific strategies for weather-related planning, including pre-planning, evacuation, and returning home.

seabrook emergency phone numbers

Seabrook Island Resources

In addition to these emergency preparedness recommendations, Seabrook Island offers a variety of local resources for natural disaster assistance.


Emergency 911
Seabrook Island POA 843-768-0061
Town of Seabrook Island 843-768-9121
Seabrook Island Security 843-768-6641
Seabrook Island Utility Commission 843-768-0102
Charleston County Emergency Preparedness 843-202-7400
Johns Island Fire Department 843-768-4174
Current status of Seabrook Island 888-314-3177
Request for Town help in transportation 843-768-9121

For more information on how to safely prepare for severe weather threats on Seabrook Island, click here.

From observing our socially-distant COVID-19 guidelines to properly planning for natural disasters, the safety of community residents and guests is of the utmost importance to us. Before planning a visit to Seabrook Island, we invite you to familiarize yourself with our safety and security guidelines, so that you and your family can enjoy the island’s rich natural beauty.

In addition to being an unparalleled beach destination, Seabrook Island offers the most luxurious amenities to help create the perfect backdrop for your vacation memories. Our private community features the nationally recognized Seabrook Island Beach Club overlooking the Atlantic Ocean with a variety of nearby dining options and two award-winning golf courses. Come experience all that Seabrook Island has to offer with a safe, socially-distant visit to our coastal retreat!

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