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Securing your Home from the Potential Impacts of Hurricane Florence

Posted 09/11/2018

Hurricane as seen from above

You may have already heard that the Carolinas are on high alert regarding Hurricane Florence. Even if you aren’t directly in its path, you probably know someone who is. Hurricanes can be massively destructive, but there are some simple ways to minimize the potential damage to your home. Below are five tips for Seabrook Island homeowners to help keep their home or rental and its contents safe from harm.

1. Protect your windows.

Windows are usually the first points to be breached during a hurricane, exposing your home to wind and rain. If you already have storm shutters, be sure to board them up. Storm shutters and plywood can also be purchased to help prevent damage to your windows from flying debris.

2. Barricade entrances

Besides windows, home and garage doors are also entry points for wind and rain. Placing sandbags around these areas can mitigate the risk of flood damage.

3. Move valuables to higher areas

Don’t leave important documents, electronics, or other valuable items on the floor or near windows. If water does get in, you don’t want it to ruin items that are costly or difficult to replace.

4. Secure loose items outside of your home

Anything lying about outside is a potential target for high-speed winds. Aside from causing damage to the items themselves, these things can be picked up and wreak havoc on windows. On a similar note, ensure that there are no dead branches on nearby trees that could break off and fly towards the house.

5. Make a list of important items before the hurricane hits

Should you need to file an insurance claim for damaged items, you’ll want to have your list of valuables prepared ahead of time. This will make the process of returning to normalcy that much easier.

Remember, most items can be replaced. Keep yourself and your family safe first. For additional Emergency Preparedness information from Seabrook Island, be sure to visit our Emergency Preparedness page directly.

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