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What Makes Seabrook Island Unique

Posted 12/11/2019

Not to brag, but Seabrook Island is a pretty special place. From world-class golf courses to a calendar filled with events every month, Seabrook Island has amenities and features that both guests and residents cherish.




Seabrook Island is blessed with two challenging golf courses designed by Willard Byrd and Robert Jones. If you’re looking for Atlantic Ocean views as you spend the day on the green, Ocean Winds is the perfect course for you. If you’d prefer to soak up the beauty of Seabrook’s land-bound features, you can try out our Crooked Oaks course that winds through the marsh and maritime forests.

In 1996, our two golf courses became the first in South Carolina to get certified as eco-friendly by the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program. A little more than a decade later, the entire town of Seabrook became certified by this same organization, which was another first for communities in our area.



Seabrook’s full-service Equestrian Center is one of the few establishments offering beach rides to riders of all levels. They provide riding lessons, boarding, guided trail rides, and rides along our uncrowded beaches on horses suited for beginners and pros.


Community Calendar of Events

Seabrook Island Club Palmetto Room Dining

If you’re someone who loves to have something going on every day of the week, vacationing in Seabrook or living in our community is sure to be an enjoyable experience. Our community events calendar is packed with activities throughout the year.

For those interested in gold, racquet sports, and other daily fitness activities, you’ll be pleased to know that we have clinics, mixed doubles, and classes at the SIPOA Lake House throughout every day. Whether you’re into restorative yoga or HIIT workouts, we have something for you.

In addition to our athletic opportunities, we have regularly scheduled dining and holiday events. Every Sunday we have brunch and pub nights, every Tuesday we have members’ night, and we have happy hours every Friday. For holidays we usually have some sort of prix fixe dining event at one of our on-island dining venues.




One of Seabrook’s defining features is our 2.5 miles of unspoiled coastline. Because we have a private beach, it is rarely crowded and offers an ideal location for water sports or lounging.

This is also where you can see dolphins strand feeding, which is a phenomenon that isn’t commonly seen on some of the more popular beaches in South Carolina. Strand feeding is a unique pattern of behavior where dolphins communicate in high-pitched whistles and work as a team to herd fish closer to the shore. Seabrook visitors can usually see this happening by our inlet from April to November.


oak trees covered with spanish moss in charleston, south carolina

Enormous oaks and other trees are staples of Seabrook. You can find their Spanish moss-laden branches extending over our roads throughout the community. These are some of the oldest and largest oaks in the area, and they are as much a part of life on Seabrook as the coast itself.

If you live here or have visited, what’s your favorite part of life on Seabrook? For those of you who haven’t yet encountered our unique community, we encourage you to explore our amenities and contact Seabrook when you’re ready to experience these things for yourself.

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