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What to Expect from the Seabrook Equestrian Center

Posted 06/10/2020

The Equestrian Center at Seabrook Island is a beautiful and spacious center that includes full-service training from professionals. Our center offers a unique experience for Charleston and Seabrook island residents and non-residents, with 22 acres of land, three miles of trails, and beautiful beach rides.

Seabrook welcomes first-time riders to our stables and trails! Before visiting the Equestrian Center at Seabrook Island, read our rundown of what to expect.

equestrian center at seabrook island

Beautiful Private Equestrian Stables near Charleston, SC

Expect quality, the highest level of care, and pristine private equestrian stalls. The Seabrook Island Equestrian Center features spacious pastures on our private coastal island, three miles of trails throughout the island, and beautiful modern equestrian facilities just a short drive from Downtown Charleston, SC.

The Equestrian Center is home to 42 stalls and award-winning horses. Located in the heart of our private gated community, the facility offers riding lessons, horse boarding, and trail rides for all ages through our protected wildlife reserve. Expect picturesque views, beautiful facilities, and a serene atmosphere while visiting our private Equestrian Center on Seabrook Island!


Horseback Riding On the Beach in South Carolina

Seabrook Island is one of the few places in South Carolina where riders of all ages and experience levels can enjoy horseback riding on the beach. At our Equestrian Center, you can expect to enjoy this unique experience lead by some of South Carolina’s top trainers.

Our Advanced Horseback Riding Beach Ride offers an exhilarating tour through Seabrook’s North Beach area. Riders must have a minimum of three or more current years of riding experience and must be able to demonstrate good control of their horse at a walk, trot, and canter. Seabrook Island’s Walking Beach Ride is ideal for the beginner rider, with no required prior experience. This ride also tours the North Beach area at a relaxing pace.

Read more about horseback riding on the beach at Seabrook, and book your next ride.


An Award-Winning Equestrian Center Near Charleston

Expect top-notch marks from our full-service equestrian center near Charleston, SC. Seabrook Island is honored to be home to some of the top trainers and riders in the area. Our equestrian riders have been decorated with multiple championships and awards. Recent awards include Cassidy Enright, who was honored as the 2016 PSJ Junior Medal Champion aboard Wouter, and Grace Baranowski, who took the title of the 2016 12-14 Equitation Year End Reserve Champion.

Of course, the team of friendly horses cannot be forgotten. Our Seabrook Island horses range in background, personality, and skill to accommodate every rider with a top-notch experience. Horses like Dewey and Ellie come from dressage backgrounds, accustomed to competitive showing and recognized for their skill. They are now beloved by the Seabrook horseback riding community, and enjoy training, exploring Seabrook trails, and lessons with new riders!


Seabrook Island Equestrian Rates and Fees

Seabrook Island offers horseback riding for all levels of riders. Pony rides for ages eight years and older begin at $45 per half hour. We also have scenic trail rides through the marshes, woods and tidal creeks that lasts one hour, for the rate of $75 a rider. The walking scenic beach ride is also a one of a kind experience and ideal for beginner riders. This ride tours the beautiful North Beach area for the rate of $150 a rider. Our advanced beach rides are for more advanced riders (three or more years of experience) who have control over a range of skills including a walk, trot and canter. Advanced beach horseback rides are also $150 per rider. All rides must be scheduled by appointment.

Our equestrian center includes forty-two stalls for residents and guests on Seabrook Island. Boarding rates are $55 per day and $850 per month.


Your one of a kind Charleston horseback riding experience is waiting for you at Seabrook Island! Learn more about horseback riding and boarding at the Seabrook Island Equestrian Center.

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