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3 Reasons to Invest in a Rental Property on Seabrook

Posted 07/10/2020


For most, buying an investment property is a lifelong dream – especially when it’s located next to some of South Carolina’s best beaches. In addition to providing convenient access to a tranquil vacation spot on Seabrook’s hidden barrier island, purchasing a rental property can supply a consistent revenue stream and an excellent return on investment.

If managed the right way, renting out your Seabrook Island vacation home could allow you to comfortably enjoy the home for the rest of the year, with no out-of-pocket costs. If you are considering investing in your own personal coastal haven on Seabrook Island, here are a few reasons why you might want to take the plunge:

Location, Location, Location!

When purchasing a vacation home, you want to ensure that you get the most bang for your buck. That’s why location is key, especially when you may not be the only one staying there. Seabrook Island is thoughtfully centered around breathtaking ocean and marsh waterscapes that are unique to our exceptional homes. Our secluded, private gated town is accessible only to property owners, club members, and their guests. With a shared love of exploring Seabrook, our charming community is close-knit and involved, characterized by the famous Southern hospitality we provide.

Our properties are designed for coastal living, with convenient access to the world-class Ocean Winds and Crooked Oaks golf courses, racquet sports, and the full-service Seabrook Island Equestrian Center. Not to mention how much fun crabbing, kayaking, and fishing on the marsh front dock is for the whole family! Seabrook’s inclusive community has something for everyone, so there is never a shortage of things to do and discover. In addition to the abundance of activities on the island, our ideal year-round temperatures, uniquely rich history, and miles of pristine beaches are just a few more reasons we experience multiple seasons for high rental demand.


Investment in Financial Freedom

Did you know that beachside properties generally have a much higher market value than other properties? If you are looking to buy a property to rent on Seabrook Island, it will provide you with a steady return on investment. With Seabrook’s prime location, our properties provide you with an opportunity to ask for higher rental rates. Investing in a rental allows you to essentially pay off your dream house!

Whether you rent out your home or end up choosing to keep it as a second home for your family, you can use it for tax deductions. After discussing with your Certified Public Accountant, you may find that you can actually spend less money by owning your own Seabrook property than by renting one.

Over time, owning a rental property on Seabrook Island will save you money, especially when it comes to family holidays and getaways. Rather than paying for expensive hotel or resort accommodations, you and your guests will be able to stay at your very own hidden coastal gem that is next door to tons of amenities and free adventures like the beach. Nearby, there are shopping and dining options at Freshfields Village, Bohicket Marina, as well as the romantic Southern city of Charleston.

Many choose to invest in their futures by purchasing a beachside home. Seabrook Island is the perfect place to live post-retirement. We have an excess of activities to do around the community, and a variety of social groups sure to be just right for you.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced the U.S. Federal Reserve to cut interest rates twice in 2020. These cut rates, in turn, led to lower mortgage rates, refinance rates and more to reach all-time lows. This means that it’s a great time to invest in real estate, as interest rates can affect monthly mortgage payments significantly more than the original purchase price. However, these competitive home prices likely won’t last for long!

Whether you choose to eventually retire in or sell your Seabrook home, having a coastal rental property is a great way to get your money to work for you in the meantime.

Try Before You Buy Option

The majority of Seabrook home and property owners fell in love with our little piece of paradise during their first visit to the island – and it all started with a rental. Before you actually purchase a home here, it’s a great idea to spend some time on the island. Especially if you are looking to buy a rental property, having your own rental experience can help you plan accordingly. In addition to having an excuse for taking more vacations, visiting a few times will also provide you with a better understanding of the weather, crowd patterns, and island life during different seasons. You can even connect with some of our current community members and ask them about their Seabrook experience.

Immerse yourself in the rental experience, taking note of your favorite spots around the island, when the best time to hit the beach is, or what restaurants you might need a reservation for in the evenings. This knowledge will help you guide your future renters through the same things you experience, in addition to giving you a competitive advantage.

Check out Seabrook’s variety of properties and locations currently available for rent.

Talk to the Local Experts at SIRE

There is something truly unique about spending time on our vast beaches as they embrace the gentle waves of the Atlantic Ocean. With the refreshing sea breeze and wide-open outdoor spaces, it’s no coincidence that people choose to spend as much time as they can on Seabrook Island. We feel that simply living near the ocean has improved our quality of life, which is an investment in and of itself.

If you don’t know where to begin or feel overwhelmed with your research, reach out to the local team of property experts at Seabrook Island Real Estate. With decades of combined experience listing and selling property on Seabrook Island, we are excited to welcome you into our island community. We are more than your realtors – we are your friends and next-door neighbors. We proudly represent your real estate interest above all others including our own, assisting you in every part of securing your dream home.

View our available properties today, or contact us to start your journey!

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