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6 Important Features of a Great Neighborhood

Posted 11/07/2019

You’ve done the research. You know the crime rates are low, there are excellent schools nearby, and your potential new neighborhood is an acceptable distance from your work. But what makes for a great neighborhood? We have compiled some of our personal ideas.

Important Features of a Great Neighborhood

Seabrook-Island-club-bike-ridesNearby Parks and Green Space

Easy access to green spaces for both people and pets is a worthwhile benefit to note. When you see that parks are being used regularly, this is a good indication that the community is welcoming and sees value in the green spaces provided. Between beaches, biking and nature trails, Seabrook has an abundance of natural space to take advantage of.

Grocery Stores

Having a nearby grocery store is a must, but having nearby grocery stores that you like is one thing that makes your potential new neighborhood a great fit for you. Bonus points if the grocery stores are new, as this is likely a sign that the community is growing and more people are interested in the area. Seabrook’s own Freshfields Village features the popular Village Market by Harris Teeter – a full-service grocery store offering convenient and quality products for both visitors and residents alike.


This feature is similar to the grocery stores one. It’s always good to have affordable restaurants that you like nearby, so you can drop by or get something delivered on those nights that you just don’t feel like cooking something at home. Between popular club dining options like Pelican’s Nest and Bohicket’s Lounge, or even off-island restaurants like Fuji sushi or McCann’s Irish Pub, Seabrook offers a wide range of restaurants to choose from.


Being able to walk to the beach or ride your bike to the swimming pool is a convenience that not all neighborhoods have.

outdoor pool at the SIPOA lake house on seabrook island

Access to Medical Care

When you have scheduled appointments or an emergency, you don’t want to have to travel for hours to get the attention you need. MUSC, the current closest hospital to Seabrook Island, announced last month that they would be constructing a freestanding emergency department between Seabrook and Kiawah that has exam rooms, a trauma center, and a helipad.

Developed Landscaping

There is something calming about a neighborhood with moss-laden trees and well-developed landscaping. It might just be the final feature that moves your opinion on the neighborhood from good to great.

You probably have your own list of neighborhood features (beyond the basics) that are most meaningful to you. Will you find your perfect match on Seabrook Island? Check out our real estate listings and get in contact with one of our agents to find out!

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