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Energy Efficiency Tips for Homeowners

Posted 10/24/2019

Seasonal transitions are a great time to make small changes in your home and lifestyle habits. When it comes to being energy efficient in your Seabrook Island home, even small changes can make big differences. We’ve compiled a list of energy efficiency tips for homeowners to help you save money as we shift into fall and subsequently winter.

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Take care of your heating and cooling system

Just like your car, your HVAC system needs to be maintained for it to function at its most efficient. Be sure that you are changing the filters regularly, as dirty filters can make the system work harder than necessary, and have a professional inspect the unit for tuneups.

Use smart power strips

Some devices may look like they’re turned off, but as long as they’re plugged into a power source, they continue to draw energy. These are things like some phone and computer chargers, coffee makers, and cable boxes. To keep these energy vampires from increasing your electricity bill, invest in smart power strips that will automatically shut off devices that haven’t been used in a certain period of time. The alternative is to simply remember to unplug everything you aren’t using.

Open the shades

In the summertime, you want the blinds to be closed during the day to keep out the sun. In the fall and winter, the opposite is true. Open your shades to let nature warm up your home a few degrees and take some of the burden off of your HVAC.

Reset your refrigerator temperature

The optimal temperature range in your fridge is between 35 and 38 degrees Fahrenheit. Any higher and food will spoil faster than necessary; any lower and your energy efficiency takes a hit. Try to keep your refrigerator full (but not maxed out), because this is the state when they are most energy efficient.

fridge energy efficiency

Seal cracks around the house

Not only will this help to keep bugs out (who seek warmth in the winter just as much as you do), but sealing openings will also help to keep warm air from escaping. Windows and doors are the usual culprits but inspect all areas around the perimeter of your home and where utilities enter the house.

If sustainability is something you’re interested in, check out some of Seabrook Island Club’s special interest groups, like the Garden Club and Green Space!

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