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Market Messages!

Posted 01/14/2011

One day the Wall Street Journal says that “Energy is increasing in the second home market” and that the higher stock market is providing cash to buyers who see the best bargains in years in vacation properties.

The very next day a Bloomberg article told us that the US housing market is “Crawling up from rock bottom” but we still have to deal with the “foreclosure mess” and 2011 will be the year to do it.

It’s clear that market forces on both sides are working hard to get back the balance between real estate buyers and sellers. More and more “experts” are saying that 2011 is the transition year that will bring us back to a more balanced market.

To current sellers unfortunately it means that prices are still the driving force and all properties must be priced correctly and aggressively in order to sell.For buyers it means that “now” is the time and short of another economic collapse, next year might be too late.

On another note, the final market share numbers are in and thanks to all of you, Seabrook Island Real Estate maintained its market dominance with 69% of all Seabrook Island sales listing volume sold by our Sales Executives.

This loyalty meant that in 2010 Seabrook Island Real Estate turned over to the Club a pre-depreciation year-end profit of more than $100,000 – which was $250,000 better than the loss budgeted for 2010.

Thanks again and please feel free to call me directly to discuss anything regarding the current real estate market. (843) 768-7796.

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