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Realtor Profile – Stuart Spisak

Posted 03/09/2021

Meet Stuart Spisak, Seabrook Real Estate Agent

Twenty years ago, Stuart Spisak was living in Pennsylvania, leading a successful print and publishing business. He served as chair of two national non-profit organizations and was a public relations consultant for Penn State University. Stuart has always loved working with clients to achieve their goals, and he was a talented salesman. But as any good agent will tell you, it’s best to sell something that you feel passionate about — and Stuart is truly passionate about Seabrook Island.

Having grown up with an affinity to the water, Stuart always had a strong desire to live next to the ocean. In 1998, after searching through South Carolina beach homes for sale, Stuart purchased a vacation villa on Seabrook Island, and the rest was history. What was originally meant to be a vacation retreat, the island eventually became Stuart’s full-time residence. With his love of the Lowcountry, Stuart quickly immersed himself in the culture and community. “Seabrook Island was a wonderful fit for me,” he says. “Everyone comes to the South Carolina coast for a reason. The history, the culture, and the water check all of my boxes. The Lowcountry has so much to offer, and I often feel that even after all this time, I have only experienced the tip of the iceberg.”

What Made Stuart Join the Seabrook Island Real Estate Team

“My entire career has been dedicated to sales, building long-term relationships, and developing businesses that help clients achieve their own goals,” Spisak reflects. That’s why shortly after moving to South Carolina, Stuart joined his passion for sales with his love for Seabrook Island as a Seabrook Island Real Estate agent. “My favorite part about being a Seabrook Real Estate agent is having the opportunity to introduce new people to the island,” he says. “I love to share it from my perspective, and if they decide it’s for them, I simply facilitate the process! I love what I do. Every day.”

Stuart has always been drawn to Seabrook’s breezy, relaxed lifestyle and the close-knit ties of the community. “I honestly don’t think that you can compare Seabrook to other islands,” he says. “We are unique in that we are a private club at the beach, and we are in control of our own destiny. No developer here is dictating our growth and timeline. Same sand, same ocean, different vibe! We also have more full-time residents than most, which fosters an incredible sense of community. Over the years, I have been fortunate to meet so many wonderful, caring, compassionate, talented, and fun neighbors.”

Stuart’s Seabrook Island Experience

During his tenure on the island, Stuart has lived on the golf course, a lagoon, and the marsh his all-time favorite. A true Seabrook enthusiast, he has been known to take his clients on turtle watches and beach walks, exposing them to the same lifestyle that ensnared him so many years ago. When he isn’t selling real estate, Stuart spends his days exploring everything the island has to offer. “I start my day on a bike ride around the island,” he says, “There is no better way to see and be seen! After 23 years, I still discover new things each time I’m out.” Stuart enjoys playing a few holes on the Ocean Winds golf course, followed by a dip in the Atlantic or one of the oceanfront pools at the Beach Club. “I round out the perfect day by grabbing a bite to eat at The Pelican’s Nest while enjoying the sunset. As my niece, Sophia will tell you, they have the best french fries anywhere and I wholeheartedly agree!” 

Stuart’s advice for new members of the Seabrook community? Just enjoy yourself it’s pretty easy to do around here. “Get out, bike, walk, play golf or tennis, go horseback riding,” he says. “You will find your Seabrook spot (unfortunately, I still can’t narrow down to just one)! I have always said that you can be as involved as you want to be, or walk the beach in solitude and savor the natural beauty.”

Did You Know These Fun Facts About Stuart?

Stuart is an early riser, but he says nothing beats a Seabrook sunset. During his sunrise adventures, he has spotted Loggerhead nests along the beach and has also witnessed them magically hatching and making their way to the ocean. He still recalls the dolphins strand feeding along the coast and says these feats of nature still give him chills. He loves the beach and the marsh equally but reluctantly revealed that one of the most serene spots on the island is Boardwalk 3, heading to North Beach (shhh… don’t tell!). Even so, he can’t pass up spending the day out on the water. As a decent crabber, he can show you where to find the best blue crabs on the island. However, he says, “I can’t catch enough blue crabs to fill my belly, so it’s a shrimp basket and fries at the Pelican’s Nest for me in the summer (paired with a Dark and Stormy drink from the bar).” If you are looking for a golf partner, make sure to take 

Stuart to play the full course. He says his game deteriorates after 9 holes, but he will still give you a fun game filled with friendly competition! And he is always up for a match on Seabrook’s clay courts… tennis, anyone? He can get through tennis quicker than golf, and then get to do three more things on Seabrook later that day! When he’s not out exploring Seabrook, you can find Stuart walking for miles in downtown Charleston, checking out the history and architecture, seeking out a cool local dive for a bite to eat, or sampling a selection (or two!) at one of the craft breweries.

With decades of experience and unique expertise in negotiations, Stuart Spisak is an invaluable member of the Seabrook Island Real Estate team. If you want to learn more about Stuart Spisak, or if you would like his help finding the perfect Seabrook spot for you, contact the Seabrook Island Real Estate team at 843-768-2560 today!

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