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Seabrook Island Neighborhoods: Find Your Perfect Nook

Did you know that our island is actually broken down into 38 mini neighborhoods? These Seabrook Island neighborhoods are divided based on the type of home; we have villas, cottages, and townhomes. From there they are further separated by their proximity to well-known Seabrook Island features, like the Ocean Winds and Crooked Oaks golf courses or the salt marsh.



We currently have 64 villas and condos available with an average closing price of $424,464. Our villas have 12 mini neighborhoods, which include homes around Bohicket Marina, the Ocean Winds golf course, and Seabrook Island’s racquet club. If you or your family enjoy golf or tennis, homes that are situated in any one of these mini neighborhoods are prime locations.


The cottages are the most spread out of our three housing types. With 15 mini neighborhoods to choose from, you’re sure to find a location you love. These houses can come with oceanfront or golf course views, or they can be located in more secluded areas. Hidden Oaks and St. Christopher Oaks properties are interspersed among the giant trees of Seabrook Island.


Last but not least are our townhomes. We have 11 mini neighborhoods for this type of housing and they tend to be farther inland. We do have some homes along the beach, but most of them are along the outskirts of Seabrook near the tennis courts.

Because the three kinds of homes are scattered over the Island, you can have beachfront or golf course views whether you’re living in a villa, townhome, or cottage.

To explore more on Seabrook Island neighborhoods, check out our interactive map. Not only does it show housing, but it also includes shopping areas (inside and outside the gates), dining facilities, recreation activities, athletic amenities on Seabrook, and attractions in the surrounding areas. If you have further questions about real estate on Seabrook, reach out to one of our Seabrook Island Real Estate agents.

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