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Virtual Realty: Shopping Seabrook Island Properties Remotely

Posted 04/01/2020

While COVID-19 continues to affect daily life and operations, it does not have to put a stop to life as we know it. Members of our community are keeping connected with technology, are staying busy with socially distant approved activities, and are finding innovative ways to keep business running smoothly. Officially classified as an essential business, real estate is no exception.

Seabrook Island Real Estate has adapted its approach to meet the current needs of homebuyers, from practicing extra safety precautions for in-person visits, to working to accommodate virtual requests and showings. To help potential home buyers better navigate the changing real estate space, we’ve noted a few things for buyers to keep in mind as they search for their perfect Seabrook Island oasis during the present state of affairs.


Be an Informed Researcher Online

Many people are familiar with finding properties online during their initial search for a new home. More often than not realtors are adding virtual tours and showcases to their listings. The popularity of virtual listings is sure to continue rising during this time of change.

When searching for real estate online, pay close attention to properties that show detailed shots of the interior and exterior. Be on the lookout for listings that mention rooms or features that are not shown in the accompanying photos. You’ll want to make sure to ask your agent to show you any features not pictured, whether that would be through imagery sent via email, through an in-person showing, or during a follow up virtual visit.

When browsing online listings, don’t forget to keep distance in mind. Use a map feature to properly gauge the distance of a property from places of interest. Sometimes a distance on the screen can look closer or farther than it really is. Make sure to measure it in minutes driven, walked, or biked. While some Seabrook Island properties are close in proximity to the Beach, others are closer to the Clubhouse, or the Equestrian center, or even Freshfields Village.

After finding virtual listings you love, create a list to show to your realtor so they can assist with the next steps in your search. They may be able to help you narrow down your list further, or schedule virtual showings on properties where this may be available. Be sure to check out all of Seabrook Island’s available listings by visiting http://www.liveonseabrookisland.com/.


Virtual Tours Give A Closer Look While Social Distancing

Baywood-home-foyerWhile in-person travel remains limited due to precautionary COVID-19 response protocols, real estate agents understand the importance of buyers getting as much information as they can about a home while they are unable to visit in person. The solution: virtual tours.

Virt ual tours let you take a turn around the home, explore different rooms from different angles, and give you a more comprehensive idea of what a property is like. You can see exactly how many steps it takes to go from the kitchen to an ocean facing veranda, or to walk the length of the master suite. A virtual tour lets you focus in on

the features that matter most to you, making the virtual visit more personal than a general listing.


Get To Know the Neighborhood Remotely

Finding the right neighborhood is an important part of the home buying process. It’s an aspect that is sometimes hard to convey with digital communication alone.

At Seabrook Island, we utilize social media channels to keep our community connected year round. Our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter doesn’t just keep our community informed, but it gives potential home buyers a look at what life here is really like. Social media helps get a sense of the neighborhood. Get to know what life on Seabrook is really like with up to date photos and media connecting your new neighbors, friends, and community.


Communication Should Be Key for Remote Home Buyers

Be on the lookout for realtors that are unresponsive to your calls, emails, or website inquiries. The best real estate agents will always promptly provide you with information and responses to your questions. While it is a busy time and circumstances are constantly changing, real estate agents that are serious about helping you find your dream home are prioritizing their clients.

If you simply can’t get in contact with the agent associated with the listing you are interested in, it may be sign that the listing is not actually available or not legitimate.


Charleston Area Homes Remain Smart Investments

With the potential of market volatility accompanying this time of uncertainty, many buyers are ill at ease with investing money in the stock market or other more risk-prone business ventures. The housing market, which is known to respond to economic changes, has been projected by many to be a safer investment than other options. This is especially true for the housing market in Charleston, SC and its surrounding areas.

Charleston’s housing market was actually seeing great success just before current circumstances took their full effect on the city. Even in the midst of COVID-19 precautions, it is reported that high-end properties are continuing to sell. Property investments remain attractive to many owners who find that borrowing costs are also lower at this time.

Our area is considered a luxury market. Demand is more stable for these properties than for the general home market. While property market times may be elongated because of delays in buyers’ travel plans, the value of these homes will not be as susceptible to significant decreases.

CHS and CHS’s favorite beaches remain in high demand and remain smart investments.


Stay tuned for a new way to find homes for sale on Seabrook Island. Coming soon: the new Seabrook Island Real Estate site will continue to support home buyers with an improved experience online by connecting them with all that Seabrook has to offer.

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