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Seabrook Island Real Estate for Water Wellness Mission

Posted 12/13/2019

Seabrook Island is committed to sustainability. We did a post on it last week on the Club blog, but more than just writing about it, our community members live it every day. Our members know that sustainability encompasses more than environmental awareness; economic and social considerations are also part of establishing sustainable practices. Seabrook Island Real Estate is happy to be partnering with Water Wellness Mission to help further their goals of providing access to clean water.

water being poured into a glass to represent seabrook island real estate's affiliation with water wellness mission

Recently, Sea Island Water Wellness Mission was featured on WCBD News 2 for their work in providing clean water to residents on Wadmalaw Island who have gone without access to it. Water Wellness Mission was founded and is co-coordinated by Bill Britton, who also leads the Seabrook Island real estate Britton Group and serves on the Board of the Sea Islands Hunger Awareness Foundation.

For the past few years, Water Wellness Mission has been installing water wells on Wadmalaw Island, free of cost to residents. Unlike in the neighboring John’s Island, Wadmalaw has no municipal water system; the residents are too spread out for a municipal system to function efficiently. As a result, many families in Wadmalaw Island have been living without access to clean drinking water in their homes.

Many residents on Wadmalaw have learned to accept the water situation, choosing to buy their water for cooking and drinking rather than using what comes out of their taps. This has gone on for years, but Water Wellness Mission is trying to change that.

Since its founding in 2016, Water Wellness Mission has installed more than 100 wells and filtration systems on Johns and Wadmalaw Islands, each of which cost $6,500. These water wells are funded by donations and grants, 98% of which go towards the actual wells and related processes. The remaining 2% go towards accounting and marketing needs. It is a 100% volunteer-driven operation.

If you are a Seabrook Island Beach local or from the surrounding area, Water Wellness Mission can always use more volunteers. Consider joining them or donating to help further their mission of providing clean water to everyone living in Johns and Wadmalaw Island.

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