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What It’s Like Living Near the Beach Year Round

Posted 12/06/2019

If you count yourself among the ranks of snowbirds that find themselves vacationing along the South Carolina coast every winter, you may have found yourself wondering what it’s like living near the beach year round. Is it really as peaceful as it seems in the winter months? Could you ever get used to seeing the ocean views every day? What is a local’s daily routine at a Seabrook Island beach? To our friends in the North who are still bundled up from last week’s Thanksgiving snowstorms, this one’s for you.

The Beach isn’t a Seasonal thing


When you live here all year, you begin to relax the notion that a trip to the beach is confined to summer days only. Locals get to experience the beach in every season – when tourists flock to the shores in the warmer months and when locals dot the sandy oceanfront in the wintertime (bundled up in parkas more fit for alpine skiing than 40-degree temperatures, of course).

Sand will become a permanent part of your life

You can try to fight it, but eventually you’ll give in and go with the flow. From the carpet in your home to the cupholders in your car, no place is safe from its gritty clutches.

You may become more of an environmentalist

three horses and riders from the seabrook island equestrian center on the beach

Tourists come for a season and do not have to deal with the consequences of their actions. People who live by the beach find joy in the power of the waves, the clean shores, and the fascinating wildlife all year round. When you live by such a natural gift, you want to protect it and make sure others can love it as much as you do for generations to come.

This sentiment is what spurred Seabrook Island to become the first community in South Carolina to get validated by Audubon International as a Certified Sustainable Community.

You’ll take pride in where you live

This isn’t to say you didn’t love the place you lived before, but when you live by the beach, you exist with the knowledge that the place you call home is where other people vacation. And you get access to the gorgeous sunsets, beautiful weather, and superb dining options all the time.

Whether you’ve been visiting Seabrook Island for decades or you’ve never stepped foot on one of our private beaches, we encourage you to reach out to our real estate agents to learn more about our available units. We hope to see you soon!

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