“When you build a custom home, there are infinite decisions to be made and the whole process can take forever. With Seabrook Island Real Estate‚Äôs Design & Build Custom Home program, that was all streamlined.”

Building Made Simple

Through existing partnerships and relationships, our Design & Build Custom Home Program
offers discriminating buyers a streamlined alternative to taking on a custom build
project themselves.

The program provides thoughtfully-designed plans built to your preferences by an experienced team of architects, builders, landscapers, and interior designers.

By simplifying the process and minimizing challenges and expenses, your custom home can be built in less time, for less expense, and with less stress for you.

Choose your plan, homesite, and finishes, and our team will bring your vision to life!

Whether you’re looking for a ready-to-build option, seeking an inspiration plan from our carefully crafted architectural designs, or desire a complete custom home tailored to your unique vision, we have you covered.

Ready to embark on designing your ideal home?

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