Department Name Title Phone Fax Email
Seabrook Island Real Estate Michael Asnip Broker in Charge 843-768-2560 843-768-7926
Amenity Office Tracey Roberts Amenity Services Manager 843-768-3942
Marketing Department Kelsey Buonviri Real Estate Marketing Coordinator 843-768-7789
Marketing Department Kristina Skalak Director of Marketing 843-768-7758 843-768-7926
Engineering Department John Wilcox Director of Engineering 843-768-7545 843-768-7831
Equestrian Cecile Shaw Barn Manager 843-768-7541 843-768-7902
Equestrian Charles Hairfield Director of Equestrian 843-768-7541 843-768-7902
Human Resources Department Karissa Anderson Recruiting and Hiring Manager 843-768-7834 843-768-7818
Human Resources Department Laurie Benjamin Human Resources Director 843-768-7774
Membership Director Lyndsey Arnold Membership Director 843-768-7805
Golf Department Martin Shorter Assistant Golf Professional 843-768-2529 843-768-7876
Golf Department Randy Murray Assistant Golf Professional 843-768-2529 843-768-7876
Golf Department Marc Skowronek Assistant Golf Professional 843-768-2529 843-768-7876
Golf Department Sean Hardwick Director of Golf Course Maintenance 843-768-7546 843-768-7831
Golf Department Brian Thelan Head Golf Professional 843-768-7539 843-768-7876
Racquet Club John Gross Facilities Supervisor / Asst Shop Manager 843-768-7543 843-768-7924
Racquet Club Rachel Lee Keefe Racquet Club Pro Shop Front Desk Manager 843-768-7543 843-768-7924
Racquet Club Laura Garcia Assistant Tennis Professional 843-768-7543
Racquet Club Head Tennis Professional Head Tennis Pro 843-768-7543 843-768-7924
Food and Beverage Michelle Duplessis Event Sales Manager 843-768-7849 843-768-7524
Food and Beverage Hilary George Banquet Manager 843-725-3477 843-768-7524
Food and Beverage Steven Ducharme Assistant Restaurant Manager 843-725-3482
Food and Beverage Erik Lensch Assistant Restaurant Manager 843-725-3479 843-518-5022
Food and Beverage Angela Minor Restaurant Manager 843-725-3478 843-518-5022
Food and Beverage Randy MacDonald Executive Chef 843-725-3474 843-518-5023
Food and Beverage Matthew Hoisington Assistant Clubhouse Manager 843-768-1261
Food and Beverage Joe Pontuti Clubhouse Manager 843-768-7777 843-768-7524
Administrative Offices Patti Baumil Controller 843-768-1949 843-768-7947
Administrative Offices Caleb Elledge CCM General Manager/Chief Operating Officer 843-768-7868 843-768-7524
The Seabrook Shoppe Kristin Orris Merchandising Manager 843-768-7543 843-768-7924