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THE NEW HOME COLLECTION: A Better Way to Build Your New Home

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Seabrook Island is one of the most coveted private communities on the East Coast, and when it comes to building a new home, one of the most accommodating. Back in 2017, Seabrook Island Real Estate launched the New Home Collection (NHC): a streamlined home-building program designed for those who want custom quality without the long, tedious process often associated with building a new home. “The goal from day one was to make the New Home Collection simple, easy, and pain-free,” says NHC founder Bill Britton. “We believe the living experience at Seabrook begins the moment a family purchases property. Buying a home site is exciting. Families are realizing a dream. The building process should be an enjoyable part of that overall living experience from the get-go.”

Seabrook Island Real Estate has assured custom quality by assembling an elite team of architects, builders, landscapers, and interior designers. The streamlined design and building process ensure the timely completion of a high-quality home at a reduced cost. 

Custom Quality, Streamlined Process

Michelle Almeyda-Wiedemuth, NHC program director, works with her fellow Seabrook Island Real Estate team members and outside agents to help clients find an appropriate homesite and understand their home-building options. “At any given time, we have several attractive home plans available that give prospective owners the flexibility to find one that meets their needs,” says Michelle. “Within those plans, we allow for a number of options and customizations, with regard to interiors, details, and finishes. We work with each family to accommodate their requests whenever possible.” In essence, the NHC Program gives buyers enough choices to make their new home unique and distinctive, while ensuring the highest quality standards across the board. “The beauty of it is,” Michelle explains, “families opting for a NHC plan are getting custom-level quality by an elite team, without the headaches and delays associated with building a home from scratch.” She adds, “We also take care to map out the locations of each plan on the island, using each one only a few times, so a buyer’s home remains distinct to them, and the community at large.”


Why Choose the New Home Collection Program? 

This simplified approach alleviates the unknown and minimizes the challenges, unexpected expenses, and never-ending decisions that can be associated with building a true custom home — while maintaining the highest quality and aesthetics.


Early Adopters: The Montagu-Pollocks

Steve and Barbara Montagu-Pollock, originally from Long Island, were the first family to take part in the New Home Collection program on Seabrook Island. They purchased a homesite in early 2018 and were introduced to the program through Bill Britton. “At the time there were three approved plans,” says Steve. “We dialed in pretty quickly with the design we wanted, making a few modifications along the way. What impressed me was how easy everyone was to work with—and the quality of the team they assembled, which included an architect, builder, landscaper, and interior designer.” As for the process, it was easy: the Montagu-Pollock’s modified plan was approved by the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) after just one meeting. “It was very streamlined,” Barbara said. “The plan had already been approved in principle, so we didn’t have to go back and forth with the committee. And the fact that the plans were so thorough and detailed, it spared us from all the endless questions and decisions one has to make if you are building a custom home. That was such a relief.” 

Enjoying Efficiency & Elegance: The Salcettis

Like the Montagu-Pollocks, Charles and Donna Salcetti from Potomac, Maryland were intrigued by the NHC program. Having been in the commercial real estate industry for years and with first-hand experience owning properties at multiple resort destinations, they knew what they were looking for—and aware of the potential setbacks and pitfalls of the building process, especially trying to manage that from several states away. “I was impressed with the efficiency of the Seabrook Island New Home Collection program,” Charles says. “After choosing our homesite and plan, it was just 60 days for ARC approval. We started construction in March 2021 and had the keys to the house in March 2022. We couldn’t be happier—with the quality of the construction, with the collective effort of the very professional team, the reduced number of decisions we had to make, and with the quick timeline, especially when you consider all the supply chain issues builders have had to deal with recently. We made the right decision, choosing to go the New Home Collection route.”

Buyer Satisfaction: The Foundation of The NHC Program

More and more people want to build their own dream home, but often that can become a nightmare. Bill Britton elaborates, “We saw a need for custom-quality plans backed by a top-tier team that would oversee every facet of the building process: from ground clearing to the final coat of paint. That was five years ago. Today, with Michelle’s leadership, the NHC program is even more vital and necessary than ever. To build a custom home in today’s world takes up to three years. Think about that. Our Seabrook Island team can cut that in half and minimize the laborious questions and decisions that need to be made thanks to the NHC program. Property owners see the value. It is a no-brainer when you consider all the benefits.” 

Ready to Learn More?

If you’d like to know more about our New Home Collection—or the dynamic living experience at Seabrook Island contact us today. We look forward to helping you find your own place in Charleston’s only truly private oceanfront community.


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