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Greenskeeper – $1,000 Hiring Bonus!

Position Description

Position Description: Under the supervision of the Golf Course Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, 2nd Assistant, or Equipment Manager performs work involving the use of large equipment, including tractors, loaders, trenchers, backhoes, trucks and other maintenance equipment. Operates light motorized equipment, and trucks on the golf course, and do related work as needed for golf course maintenance. Performs routine manual labor involved in golf course maintenance; do semi-skilled grounds construction and maintenance work; operate small hand-powered equipment. Each greenskeeper may be assigned responsibility for the care and maintenance of several designated holes on the golf course and does related work as required.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Mows greens, tees, aprons, and approaches, fairways, roughs, and other areas not accessible with gang mowers.
  • Rakes and maintains sand traps with power rakes and hand tools.
  • Aerifies greens, tees fairways, and roughs.
  • Verticuts tees and greens; spikes greens; operates sod cutter, spray rigs for greens and fertilizer spreaders; and operates other equipment as directed.
  • Uses loaders to remove dirt, debris and other materials; drives a dump truck to haul materials and refuse; operates portable pumps.
  • Maintains fuel for all types of equipment on a daily basis; reports equipment problems or failure to the equipment manager immediately; cleans and returns all equipment to the designated location at the maintenance facility; and cleans the maintenance areas.
  • Under the direction of his/her supervisor, incumbent operates mowers and string trimmers in trimming greens, aprons, tees, around trees, fence lines banks and hillside; and edges cart paths.
  • Set tee markers and cups on greens daily; maintains ball washers; replaces tee towels and flags when needed; removes debris; and cleans flower beds.
  • Waters and fertilizes tees, greens, fairways, and under direct supervision of a certified applicator, sprays chemicals on landscaped areas.
  • Under the direction of the Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent, marks the course for cart control weekly; moves cart control barriers and replaces worn or lost ropes and signs; and may mark hazard and drop areas.
  • Helps in project work; assist in the construction of new greens tees and fairways; grades and prepares soil base; lays sod; and seeds tees, greens and fairways.
  • Installs forms lays walks and paths using gravel and asphalt mix; excavates and backfills ditches and trenches with hand tools.
  • Performs other duties as directed by his/her supervisor.
  • Must maintain the policy of this company to conduct operations in a manner that will prevent injuries to people and damage to property and equipment and that will comply with all applicable regulations for safety and health.
  • Lead by example and promote Seabrook Core Values, Characteristics, Employee Constitution and Decision Making.

Experience: Experience in golf course maintenance and/or landscaping and the game of golf preferred.

Skills: Requires knowledge of methods and materials used in ground and landscaped construction/maintenance work; working knowledge of and ability to use hand and power tools and equipment; ability to operate trucks and light motorized equipment; physical strength, stamina, and agility to follow directions.

Supervisory Responsibilities: Responsible to motivate yourself and co-workers assigned with you to complete any task in a timely manner to it end as directed by the Director of Golf Course Maintenance, Golf Course Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, or 2nd Assistant.

Equipment to be used: Large equipment, including tractors, loaders, trenchers, backhoes, gang mowers, bunker rakes, trucks, utility vehicles, turf vac, fairway and rough aerifier and boom prayer and other maintenance equipment. Operates light motorized equipment, such as weed-eaters, backpack blowers, hover mowers, and occasionally chain saws. Operate small hand-powered equipment. Also mechanically pressurized spray equipment, hand operated spray equipment, hand operated rotary spreaders and hand operated drop spreaders.

Typical Physical Demands: This position requires moderate strength and physical fitness. The position also requires repeated standing, walking, sitting, crawling, kneeling, bending, stooping, reaching, a normal range of hearing and vision and the ability to carry items up to 50 pounds. Reaching, pulling, and ability to manipulate a variety of hand and power tools and large and small golf course equipment. Must endure inclement weather including hot and cold temperatures, precipitation and controlled exposure to chemicals, fertilizers, fumes, and gases.

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