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Seabrook Island is an exquisitely beautiful, private gated community only accessible to Property Owners, Club Members, their guests, and those renting a home on the Island. Seabrook is a barrier island located just off the coast of South Carolina. A natural oceanfront dream destination, Seabrook Island is secluded and private yet just minutes from the charm, history, and beauty of one of the world’s most romantic and hospitable cities, Charleston, SC.

Planning Your Stay

Here is everything you need to know while staying on Seabrook Island.

A Great Location

In addition to being a 35-minute drive from Charleston’s Historic District, Seabrook Island is an easy drive or flight from anywhere on the East Coast, whether you are coming from the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, or Southern states.

Seabrook Island is located:

  • 28 miles from downtown Charleston, SC
  • 134 miles from Columbia, SC
  • 115 miles from Savannah, GA
  • 219 miles from Charlotte, NC
  • 233 miles from Greenville, SC
  • 245 miles from Jacksonville, FL
  • 288 miles to Asheville, NC
  • 350 miles from Atlanta, GA
  • 384 miles from Orlando, FL
  • 550 miles from Washington, DC
  • 641 miles from Cincinnati, OH

We invite you to come experience Seabrook Island for yourself.

Plan your next vacation, book a special package, or schedule a real estate tour today.


Plan Your Next Vacation or Extended Stay

With miles of breathtaking beaches, limitless oceanfront amenities, and a natural sanctuary of local Charleston wildlife, our charming coastal treasure trove truly has something for everyone.

Schedule a Real Estate or Club Tour

With over 197 years of combined experience, our team is more than just real estate agents. As your neighbors and friends, we make your experience seamless.

Explore All of Seabrook's Many Amenities

Come experience “The Seabrook Life,” from the Turtle Patrol and the Seabrook Stitchers group to kayaking and crabbing on the luscious marsh.

Guides and Tips For Visiting Seabrook Island


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