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Social Groups & Clubs

A large part of what creates Seabrook Island’s strong sense of community is the friendly interaction between neighbors. Every Seabrooker comes complete with his or her own unique mix of interests, talents and taste. Once people begin to see shared interests with fellow residents, they’re soon drawn to join—or inspired to start—a special interest or social group that suits them to a T.

Something for everyone

There are groups for those with a penchant for games (such as Mahjongg Mavens and the Social Bridge club), nature (such as the Seabrook Island Natural History Group, Garden Club and Turtle Patrol), reading (such as the Seabrook Book Club and Exploring Books) and art (such as the Artist Guild, Seabrook Island Photography Club and the Seabrook Stitchers).

We are always excited about new groups wanting to organize. If you have a passion you would like to share with others, call the Lake House Manager (843-725-1581) about starting up a new group! Room reservations are also managed by the Lake House Manager.