Seabrook Island Beaches

Seabrook Island lays claim to one of the longest and most dynamic expanses of beach shoreline in the coastal Carolinas. There are nearly four miles of pristine and peaceful sandy locales to explore. Beach access is enhanced with nine boardwalks that link the attractive beach housing with the inviting beach and ocean waters.

For those who seek the resort vibe, the oceanfront Beach Club tempts you to linger with open-air pavilion-style dining, shimmering turquoise pools, and plenty of comfortable options for basking in the warmth of the sun.

Pelican Beach

Pelican Beach is also known as Sunset Beach. If you’ve ever been there on a spectacular late-summer evening, you’ll know why. Pelican Beach is the perfect choice for young children to swim in the soft waves and slow current of the Atlantic Ocean near the mouth of the Edisto River.

North Beach

North Beach is for those who prefer sunrises, tidal pools, and chasing rainbows. This beach is the first place light touches Seabrook Island. Two areas, the Inlet at Captain Sam’s and little known North Beach Lagoon are breathtakingly beautiful and peaceful areas that beg to be explored. Its eastern shore location claims one of the widest fronts on the Carolina Coast.

Beach Access Map

Awards & Accolades

Seabrook Island received the “2016 Best Restored Beach Award” from the American Shore and Beach Preservation Association for its exceptional beach restoration initiatives.

Beach Rules for Wildlife

Dolphin Strand Feeding

The dolphins in our area are known for strand feeding, where they push fish onto the beach and then follow to eat them. We hope you are fortunate enough to witness this rare and incredible sight. More common in the spring and fall, feeding activity typically peaks within 3 hours of low tide each day. A favorite viewing spot is at the northernmost tip of North Beach at the Cap’n Sam’s Inlet.

Please follow these guidelines:

  • Do NOT try to get close to, touch, swim with, or feed the dolphins – it’s dangerous and illegal.
  • Keep your distance – avoid approaching dolphins within 50 yards from a boat/kayak and 15 yards on land.
  • Keep dogs leashed at all times.
  • Keep noise to a minimum.
  • Report any inappropriate action to beach patrol.

Beach Rules for Dogs

Seabrook Island’s beaches are pet friendly! To ensure that all users can have a safe and pleasant beach experience, pet owners must observe certain requirements.

Lights Out For Sea Turtles

May 15 – October 31

Turn off all lights visible from the beach by 9:00 PM

Do not approach turtles, hatchlings, or turtle nests. Please fill in any holes on the beach when you leave.  

Other Beach Rules

  • Please keep off dunes. 
  • Do not allow dogs to chase birds.
  • Fill in any holes on the beach when you leave.
  • Glass containers may not be used on the beach.
  • No beach parking on roads or villa parking areas – use designated beach access parking areas and boardwalks.
  • Store beach and recreational equipment out of sight. Do not leave on the beach overnight. Beach towels, bathing suits, etc. may not be hung on exterior railings.
  • Contact the Security Gate at (843) 768-6641 for beach bonfire permits.
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