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Emergency Preparedness

Seabrook Island’s weather usually features clear skies and calm seas. That said, the region does lie inside the Atlantic hurricane belt, and the Town of Seabrook Island is on a floodplain.

In the event of a tropical storm, hurricane or serious flood threat, we have compiled resources to help prepare and protect you, your family and your property.

For more preparedness information, visit http://www.townofseabrookisland.org


*Tropical Storm Isaias Update 1 from Seabrook Island Club 8/2/20

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In preparation for the impacts of Tropical Storm Isaias, the Club’s hours of operation have been adjusted for Monday, August 3rd and Tuesday, August 4th as listed below.  Please understand that these hours are subject to change based on changes in storm progression and post-storm conditions, such as our employees’ ability to access the Island, the status of utilities, damage, and required clean-up.  Updates will be emailed to the membership should a change to the hours be required and will be posted on this Emergency Page of the website.  Stay tuned for more information.
                                                         Monday, August 3rd                           Tuesday, August 4th
Pelican’s Nest                                Closed                                                           Opens 12:00 pm
Cap’n Sams’s Pool Bar                 Closed                                                           Opens 12:00 pm
Locker Room Service                   Closed                                                           Opens 10:00 am
Osprey Café                                   Closes 3:00 pm                                            Opens 12:00 pm
Beach Club Pools                          Closed                                                            Opens 12:00 pm
Seabrook Shoppe                          Closes 3:00 pm                                            Opens 12:00 pm
Equestrian Center                         Normal Hours; No Rides                           Normal Hours
Golf Operations                            Carts in by 2:30; Shop Closes 3:00 pm    3 Hour Delay; First Tee Time 10:30 am
Racquet Club                                 Closes 3:00 pm                                             Opens 12:00 pm
Real Estate & Amenity Office     Closes 5:00 pm                                             Opens 9:00 am

Seabrook Island Emergency Brochure

Download our emergency brochure for resources on preparing for emergencies, evacuations, and disasters.

Pandemic Plan

A pandemic is a significant infectious disease outbreak that covers the globe in a series of waves. While a pandemic does not necessarily cause the typical damage to infrastructure and property as other disasters, it does have the potential to disrupt normal town operations and impact a significant number of its residents.

Hurricane Hints

The Town of Seabrook Island is sometimes vulnerable to the effects of tropical systems. A strong hurricane under the right conditions could be impactful to the Town, thus it can be essential that the Town and its residents prepare properly for these dangerous storms. Be sure to check out all of our hurricane hints along with many other resources posted on our tidelines blog. 

Flood Protection

The Town of Seabrook Island, and the entire Lowcountry of South Carolina is pretty vulnerable to the effects of flooding. It is essential for the Town and its residents to prepare for the major flooding and view possible evacuation routes. Be sure to download the Seabrook Island brochure here.