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Seabrook in the Fall & Winter

Posted 09/29/2015

Many people are beginning to feel their dreams of a beach vacation slip through their fingers with every falling leaf. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Every year more and more people are coming to prefer a winter beach vacation.

The first step towards planning a trip to the beach during the winter is to redefine what you think of winter weather. Here in Seabrook, December temperatures average in the low sixties, and the coldest time of year, January, sees temperatures in the high fifties on average. These temperatures are far from the below freezing temps that many are used to experiencing during winter.

These mild temperatures make it ideal weather for several activities on the beach. You can enjoy a game of beach volleyball or football without the excessive heat taking its toll, or take a trip out on the water in a kayak. Fishing can also be more enjoyable with these cooler temperatures.

Possibly the biggest advantage of visiting the beach during the off-season is that it is much less crowded. This leaves the whole beach open to taking peaceful walks and scoring ideal spots for lounging. Without the large crowds, beaches are also less stressful for parents as they can let their young ones run around more freely and still be able to keep a close eye on them.  

The cool breezes coming off the ocean make it the perfect time of year to bring your kites to the beach, and without the crowds you have a lot more room to run around with them. Metal detecting is also ideal without crowds. You can look up down the whole stretch of the beach without navigating around sun bathers.

No matter what time of year you visit, Seabrook has amazing restaurants open, but you can enjoy any one of them without the summer crowds and long waiting lists when you visit in the winter! This is true of all the entertainment venues in Seabrook as well.

A winter beach vacation is a completely different experience than visiting during the summer. Not only will you save money with amazing off season rates, but you will discover that there is more to visiting the beach than swimming and getting a nice tan. Don’t let your dreams of the beach get pushed aside for the winter. Come and enjoy a place that has a lot to offer all year around!

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