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What is the weather in April on Seabrook Island and in Charleston, SC?

Posted 03/10/2024

The Weather Is Perfect In April

With such pleasant weather, April is an ideal time to spend on Seabrook Island outdoors, golfing, playing tennis or pickleball, or horseback riding on the beach. Although the water temperature is still a little cold for swimming, you can enjoy the beautiful 4 miles of private beach and get your feet wet along the shore.

Overall, the weather on Seabrook Island in April is perfect for enjoying the island and all its amenities. While Charleston, South Carolina, is a popular tourist destination for many reasons, including its pleasant weather. In April, the weather is warm enough but not too hot, making it an ideal time to visit. During the day, temperatures typically reach the 70s, while they dip into the 60s and 50s at night.

If you’re planning to visit Charleston or Seabrook Island in April, it’s suggested that you wear light layers and sunscreen. It’s also advisable to bring clothing suitable for all weather conditions. Although you may experience occasional rain showers, the rainfall is typically low. The sun begins to shine brightly in Charleston during April, and you can feel the onset of summer.

Charleston in April is Bursting With Exciting Events

April is the perfect time to visit Charleston, as some of the most iconic events of the year occur during this month. Since Charleston is known for its lively and vibrant culture, April promises to be an exciting month for locals and visitors alike. The city will host various events catering to different interests, from music to art and sports. No matter your interests, there’s something for everyone in Charleston this April.

A Few Noteworthy Upcoming Events For Locals and Tourists Alike.
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