Posted 01/03/2014

We here at Seabrook Island Real Estate are excited to wish you and your families a happy 2014!
The island is buzzing with excitement this new year and we are anxious to see where 2014 will take us.
2013 ended with no new surprises in numbers, we ended with about 136 closings vs the 121 in 2012. A healthy 14% increase, which makes this the 4th straight year of sales increases since 2009!
Here are the numbers from 2012 and 2013.

2012 Homes: 46 Villas: 52 Lots: 22 Total: 121
2013 Homes: 46 Villas: 58 Lots: 29 Total: 136

This makes the average sale price of the 46 homes this year about $750,000, villas about $290,000 and lots about $240,000.

We will continue to keep you updated, so keep checking back! Also be sure to “like” our Seabrook Island Real Estate page on Facebook for weekly updates on listed and sold houses!

Happy New Year!

Lowcountry Marsh

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