New Sales

Posted 11/12/2010

Seabrook Island Real Estate has recently taken deposits on two new sales of Summerwind Villas, both listed between $319,000 and $329,000.  We’ve also taken a deposit on the home at 3016 Baywood Drive (see picture below), listed at $699,000.

Through October 31st, 78 properties have closed on Seabrook (thru the multiple listing service) with an average sale price of $539,000.  This is compared to 67 closings for the same period last year at an average sale price of $496,000.

Seabrook Island is Charleston's Truly Private Oceanfront Community. Membership in the Seabrook Island Club is required for ownership. Amenity use is for Members and their Guests Only. The Lakehouse is for use by Property Owners and their Guests as well.