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Seabrook Island Realtor Profile: Meet Michael Furlong

Posted 01/01/2021

With an extensive background in contractual agreements and investment properties, Michael Furlong makes a wonderful addition to the Seabrook Island Real Estate team. Michael’s exceptional eye for detail and potential, polished professionalism, and customer service skills make him a valuable partner when purchasing or selling any property. Read on to learn more about Michael and how he has become involved with Seabrook Island’s oceanfront community as a new agent.

Meet Michael Furlong: Seabrook Island Real Estate Agent  

Years ago, Michael fell in love with the charming Lowcountry scenery while on vacation in the area. At the time, he was working in a corporate Human Resources position in New York. After his vacation had come to an end, he decided to purchase a condo nearby so that he could continue to come back for one week a month to get away from the everyday stresses of life and relax. As time went on, Michael’s life here grew exponentially, and his visits to the Carolina coast became more and more frequent. He decided to make the Lowcountry his permanent place of residence

What Made Michael Join the Seabrook Island Real Estate Team 

When COVID-19 became a concern earlier this year, Michael and his family began to look for alternatives to the downtown area that they usually frequented. In their search for uncrowded solace, they discovered the Seabrook Island community. While staying as guests of an island resident,  the Furlongs would bike around, exploring the island and enjoy picnics on the beach. After experiencing Seabrook’s state-of-the-art amenities and untouched natural ecosystem for himself, Michael realized this exceptional community was the perfect place for him to focus on his real estate career. 

One of Michael’s favorite aspects of the job is the ability to change someone’s life by connecting them to the community he loves. “There is no place like home, and I get to share mine every day with the best people,” he says. “The chance to be a small part of the community’s story makes me so proud and thankful.” Michael enjoys seeing people who have relocated here as happy as he is. He often receives thank you’s and pictures of dolphin sightings and sunsets from past clients and says it is a wonderful feeling. 

Michael and a client sharing a golf clinic on Seabrook Island. 

Not only is Michael passionate about the community, but about his team, too. The Seabrook Island Real Estate team is comprised of people I admire, folks that are dedicated to being the best partners to our community and our clients,” Michael says. “My team members are always available to share advice or their experiences, and when we are working together for our clients, we are able to make the transaction as stress-free and easy as possible. It is a pleasure to work with professionals who share a high level of integrity.”

Michael’s Seabrook Island Experience 

Michael originally purchased a vacation home along the South Carolina coast as an investment that he hoped to make a modest payoff from when the time came to sell. When his family decided to sell their primary home back in New York and vacation condo in Charleston to purchase a home in the area, they were shocked by how much they made from their investment. The truth is, they had a much larger payoff from the 900 SQ foot Charleston condo they had owned for a few years than the 4 bedroom home they owned for over a decade in NY! 

“Not only did I get a return on my investment, but my family and I made unforgettable memories here in the process.” Michael enjoys getting involved with the local community in his free time, from oyster roasts and the Steeplechase of Charleston to his all-time favorite, Spoleto. Michael especially appreciates the fine arts such as live theatre and music that Charleston has to offer. 

When he isn’t selling real estate, Michael’s perfect day at Seabrook Island consists of lunch at the Pelican’s Nest, his usual tuna wrap, and tater tots with a signature Pina Colada. He also enjoys taking a boat charter from Bohicket Marina with family and friends for some dolphin spotting and swimming. And, of course, the perfect ending to the evening: watching a vibrant sunset and enjoying a bonfire over on North Beach. 

Michael with friends and family around a bonfire on North Beach. 

His favorite view on the island is the marsh because of how peaceful and serene it is. When the seasons change, the marsh grass subtly changes color. You can probably spot Michael at the kayak launch, watching the cranes, and listening to the sounds of nature while soaking up the Lowcountry sunshine.

Fun Facts About Michael: 

  • Michael enjoys taking in the colorful sunsets on Seabrook’s North Beach. 
  • His dream property would be on Jenkins Point with a marsh view.
  • He equally enjoys a day spent on the boat and lounging by the resort-style pools. 
  • His favorite dining spot on the island is the Seabrook Island Clubhouse because of the expansive wine offerings to pair perfectly with a fresh dinner entree. 
  • Michael enjoys playing on our scenic Charleston golf courses and beach rides with the Seabrook Island Equestrian Center. 
  • One of his favorite species of wildlife on the island is the Loggerhead Sea Turtles. He enjoys watching them hatch and journey towards the ocean!

“One of my favorite things about Lowcountry living is the people,” Michael says. “The community here is so friendly and welcoming, it has been a wonderful experience.” Michael believes that relationships are more important than transactions, and he hopes to share his deep roots in the community with people looking to enjoy their own Lowcountry lifestyle. If you would like to learn more about Michael Furlong or finding your dream home in our oceanfront community, contact the Seabrook Island Real Estate team today at 843.768.2560!

Seabrook Island is Charleston's Truly Private Oceanfront Community. Membership in the Seabrook Island Club is required for ownership. Amenity use is for Members and their Guests Only. The Lakehouse is for use by Property Owners and their Guests as well.