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Custom Construction

Building For the Way You Live.

A custom home is truly one-of-a-kind, a special blend of your individual wants and needs that can’t be found anywhere else. Building from the ground up provides the unique ability to achieve the home of your dreams. Oftentimes, homeowners are wary of this wonderful opportunity because of the additional challenges that come with it. It’s true that building your own home can be a process, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be an enjoyable one. Who you work with matters and can make all the difference in your building experience.

Meet Michelle Almeyda-Wiedemuth

Having grown up in and around the construction business, Seabrook Island Real Estate Agent Michelle Almeyda-Wiedemuth has extensive knowledge of the field. And, after starting her own service business 13 years ago, she has worked to develop a unique relationship-based approach to working with her clients. Currently building her own custom home on Seabrook, Michelle can help you smoothly navigate building on your lot. With a deep knowledge of the process, Michelle can help you understand each and every aspect that goes into building, from pricing and fees, design trends, and local regulations to the latest Architectural Review Committee process and requirements.

After interviewing and collaborating with some of the best local architects, builders, land surveyors, interior, designers, and contracts, Michelle can also match you with the right professionals to make your building process a seamless one. While it goes without saying that you want to work with reputable and skilled professionals, having a good rapport will also go a long way. Soft skills such as personality, communication style, management style, and work ethic are among the most overlooked yet important aspects in choosing a solid building team. Someone may have a great reputation and be able to work within your budget, but what will working with them be like? These are all important things to consider as you will be in close contact with these professionals throughout the building process, which can take over 18 months.

Finding The Right Builder For You

If you are ready to take the next step in building your perfect home on Seabrook Island, I am here to help you get started. As you are going through the process of finding an architect & builder who will be a good fit for your wants and needs, you need to make sure you are asking the right questions. Use the following prompts as a guide during your interviews to get a better picture of what working with the architect & builder would be like.


  • Do you have experience working on Seabrook Island?
  • Have you worked with communities that have a similar review and building code?
  • How long have you worked with your subcontractors?
  • Are you comfortable designing/building the style and quality home that we expect?


  • Will subcontractors’ work be overseen or supervised on a daily basis?
  • Who will be primarily responsible for daily oversight?
  • How involved will the lead architect/owner of the construction company be on our design/build?
  • Will we be assigned a project manager?
  • If so, how many other projects will he/she be overseeing?


  • How many projects are you currently working on?
  • Will you be able to dedicate the time & attention our project needs?
  • Are you willing to be available by phone if something is urgent?

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