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A Guide to the Beaches of Seabrook

Posted 04/09/2020

Few things compare to a day spent lounging on one of South Carolina’s most beautiful beaches. Our Seabrook Island community knows that our four miles of pristine Charleston area coastline are perfect for residents and their families to enjoy beach days year-round. With summer and brighter days just on the horizon, our private beaches are sure to be a welcome and quiet escape for enjoying the South Carolina coast.

Read our guide to Seabrook Island Beaches for the information you need to know for planning the perfect beach day just minutes away from Charleston, SC for your next trip.

Best Beach in Charleston Sc

The Beaches

Seabrook Island is home to two beautiful beaches: Pelican Beach and North Beach. Both beaches offer sunshine, beautiful views, and hours of enjoyment, however each have their own unique aspects islanders flock to them for.

Pelican Beach at Seabrook Island

You may have seen sunset photos from Seabrook Island’s beaches. You know, the ones that could almost be paintings? Pelican Beach is known for its vivid sunsets and evening skies and preferred by photographers chasing that perfect photo.

Pelican Beach at Seabrook Island is also a great South Carolina beach for young children and families. The Atlantic Ocean meets the Edisto River near this beach, making for soft waves and gentle currents. It’s great for swimming, floating, sunbathing, and building sandcastles.

North Beach at Seabrook Island

Equally as beautiful as Sunset Beach, North Beach is great for active families and nature lovers. The beach is open for walking, biking, sandcastle building, and is one of few beaches in South Carolina to offer horseback riding on the beach.

North Beach also features an area that is friendly to off-leash dogs – your favorite furry family member will love the soft sand and rolling waves of North Beach!

Nature lovers often find a wide array of wildlife at North Beach. From dolphins to turtles to native birds and more, wildlife enthusiasts can observe some of Seabrook Island’s most interesting neighbors in the sanctuary retreat.

Since North Beach is the first place the sun’s light touches Seabrook, the sunrises are unmatched on the island. Spend early mornings on the shore watching dolphins feeding near the Kiawah River as the sun makes its way into the South Carolina sky, and traverse the rolling dunes back into Seabrook’s private residential community to begin a wonderful day on the island.

Things to Note when Making Beach Plans on Seabrook Island

Seabrook Island Beach Access Points

Seabrook Island Beaches are private to residents and their guests. To access Seabrook Beaches, many residents simply walk out their backdoor. Visitors to Seabrook may easily bike or walk to one of the Island’s beach accesses near the Clubhouse or in their respective neighborhoods.

To find one of the over ten primary beach access points, be sure to explore our interactive map. Access points can be located by clicking on the beach ball icon. You can also find Seabrook Island Beachfront Properties at liveonseabrookisland.com

Pet-Friendly Beach Options on Seabrook Island

Our dog-friendly North Beach is a top pick for families with pets. During the summer months, dogs are allowed off-leash between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Dogs are allowed off-leash in the designated beach area full time during the rest of the year. You can find more detailed information of dog regulations on the island here.

Things to Do at the Beach on Seabrook Island

Seabrook Beaches are unique not just for their beauty, but for all the seaside activities made available to our community members. North Beach is one of the few beaches in South Carolina to offer Horseback Riding on the beach near Charleston. Book a ride through our Equestrian Center to experience a unique way to watch the sun as it rises.
Because of Seabrook Island’s dedication to protecting and preserving wildlife, our beaches are also home to some of South Carolina’s most interesting wildlife. Many residents enjoy bird watching on the beach, or looking for dolphins in the morning. Our Facebook page often showcases wildlife residents have spotted on the beach or from their homes!

Swimming in the Atlantic Ocean remains one of the most popular activities at both Seabrook Island Beaches. Our warm temperatures and proximity to Kiawah River and Edisto River make our beaches the perfect place to swim with children. Warm water, gentle currents, and soft sand make for a beach day everyone enjoys. But just nearby, beachgoers can enjoy the Seabrook Island Beach Club complete with an Oceanfront Pool, lounge chairs, cafes, towel service, and convenient beach access.

Protecting Our Beaches with Seabrook Island Turtle Patrol

As Seabrook Island claims some of the most valued Audubon Certified Natural Wildlife Sanctuary beaches in South Carolina, our residents share a common call to our treasured wildlife. Many enjoy participating in wildlife preservation firsthand with our Seabrook Island’s Turtle Patrol.

Throughout the summer months at Seabrook Island, early risers meet on North Beach. As the sun rises, they assist and protect the endangered loggerhead turtles that build more than 75 nests a year on the beaches.

While so many of us are now in a place where we are spending more time than ever with our families in our homes, many are also anxiously anticipating the times we will spend with our community out and about on Seabrook Island after the COVID-19 pandemic winds down. This is the perfect time to brighten your day with plans for the future travel and outdoor enjoyment. Find pictures and learn more about our beaches here.

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