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Fishing on Seabrook Island

Posted 02/05/2020

Seabrook Island Fishing

The excitement of not knowing what will be at the end of your line is what makes fishing off the coast of South Carolina so thrilling.  The extensive amount of fish that pass through our ecosystem throughout the year can quickly turn a hobbyist into an eager fishmonger thriving on the chase.  Depending on the season, fishing off our beautiful coastline exudes serenity followed by the heart-pumping excitement of trying to reel in an array of tantalizing action.

Fish Species & Types

There are many fun opportunities for amateur and avid gamesmen to enjoy the sport.  For those who love dock fishing, surf fishing or sitting off the pier, you can expect bites from fish such as spot tail bass, flounder, sheepshead, or red drum.  Spanish and king mackerel, whiting and spotted sea trout are also commonly found inshore.  Nearshore fisherman heading out locally on their boats might expect to find more Spanish mackerel, weakfish, trout, redfish, and sharks.  Anglers looking for the larger fish and heading 50 miles offshore will be hunting striped bass, wahoo, dolphin, blue marlin, white marlin, sailfish or blue fin tuna.

Marina & Fishing Charters

Whether you have a boat already or you need a charter or boat rental, Bohicket Marina is the place to get your fix.  Morning and evening dolphin tours are available for those who want to simply view the inherent beauty of the island from the water.  Watch as dolphin glide softly through the waters while blowing out short swift tufts of moist air.  Other tours and private lessons can be acquired as well by calling 843-768-1280.  Daily tours and other options must be placed 24 hours in advance.

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