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How to Practice Your Golf Swing at Home

Posted 04/23/2020

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COVID-19 has made it a bit more difficult for golf players to get out on the golf course; however, you don’t have to jeopardize your golf game while you sit at home. Instead, here are some ways to practice your golf swing in the comfort of your own home, so you’re ready to get back in the swing of things as life begins to normalize.

Optimizing the Technique

The most common swing drills are a great way to get started with practicing your swing and are often used to find and correct errors within your position or movement in your golf swing. You’re going to need to stand near a mirror to get clear feedback on your swing, repeatedly checking your movements to make sure you are in the proper position.

Do this several times in a row, and once you don’t need any corrections, move on to a slower, continuous swing. The use of a slow motion swing will help transfer skills developed in your house on to the golf course. From there, increase the speed of your swing slowly until you’ve worked your way up to full speed. The variations of swing speeds are crucial when developing the right technique. Many golfers want to stop without practicing the swing at slower speeds, but that might interfere with your actual golf swing once you get back out on the golf course.

Improving the Impact Shot

This next golf swing exercise is recommended for higher level golf players and involves perfecting the swing when it reaches impact. We suggest a 6-iron with this exercise. Take a practice swing but stop the follow through right before your club reaches impact. Notice where your club face is pointing and where your lead arm sits in relation to the club shaft. Many golfers are typically surprised by the angle at which the lead arm sits to the club shaft.

How can you fix it? Andrew Rice shows a great lesson in which he uses a towel and drapes it across the club. Start in the set-up position, and with the club resting on the ground, drag the towel across the ground toward the target. This drill helps golfers understand their sense of leading with the handle toward impact.

Perfecting the Fundamentals

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This drill focuses on swing practice for developing golfers. This time, you’ll be focusing on grip and posture, some basic elements that help create a perfected swing. Again, you’ll want to use a mirror for optimal results. Compare yourself to the experts, and make changes as necessary. Even the most basic components of a golf swing can create either a perfect shot or bad habits.


Simple swing exercises each day ensure quality habits for an overall better golf swing. In these times, it’s especially essential to keep practicing so you don’t lose your touch. Once you’ve perfected your shot at home, come join us on our golf course to put those habits into motion. We are continuously implementing safety measures so that our members can continue to play while staying safe. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us, and we’ll see you soon!

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