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Sustainability on Seabrook

Posted 12/06/2019

Given our unique situation on one of South Carolina’s barrier islands, the community of Seabrook Island pays special attention to the sustainability efforts that will ensure visitors and residents get to share in the beauty of our natural resources for generations to come. When is the last time you gave Seabrook Island’s sustainability protocols a thought? If this is the first time, then welcome! If sustainability is always on your mind, then we hope you’ll appreciate Seabrook’s practices and we welcome suggestions for improvements!

aerial view of the seabrook island beach club and pool

The Backstory

Seabrook’s residents have been environmentally conscious for many years, but it wasn’t until 2011 that we implemented a long-term plan for sustainability that encompassed more than the environment alone. This plan was initiated as part of Seabrook’s certification process with Audubon International, an organization that certifies the sustainable achievements of communities worldwide.

Audubon’s certification process revolves around improving three main areas in a sustainable way: economy, environment, and community. This program supports pre-existing sustainability initiatives and sets rigorous goals for progress in 15 areas, some of which include wildlife conservation, water conservation, and energy efficiency.

Sustainability on Seabrook

hand holding a leaf with a house on it to represent energy efficiency

Spoiler alert: We were the first community in the state to be named a Certified Sustainable Community by Audubon International.

So what does that look like?


  • All Seabrook Island properties are designated smoke-free areas


  • Seabrook participates in the Adopt-A-Highway program
  • Seabrook Island Greenspace Conservancy donated 1.59 acres to the association as open space
  • Association-run gardens have increased, thus allowing residents to grow their own food

Economic and Community Development

  • Seabrook’s Oyster Catcher Community Center was refurbished in 2016
  • In 2017, workers completed renovations on our pools
  • Sail shades made of sustainable materials were added to the Lake House’s pool, which eliminated annual umbrella replacement costs
  • The beach boardwalk is constructed of ironwood decking that lasts up to three times longer than traditional lumber
  • Energy efficient lighting technology replaced fluorescent and incandescent light fixtures in 2016


  • Sensors were installed in the community’s irrigation devices to help limit water waste
  • We have plans to install a fiberglass lining in important drainage pipes, which will help prolong the system’s life and, indirectly, conserve water
  • Seabrook’s special interest groups, like Turtle Patrol and Seabrook Island Birders, continue to promote the appreciation and protection of our wildlife

If you have ideas for more sustainable initiatives or are interested in learning more, feel free to contact us.

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