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Amenities and Features for Home Buyers to Consider

Posted 10/31/2019

When you’re thinking about purchasing a second home, investing in a rental property, or finding a new primary home, there are a wealth of factors to consider. Your real estate agent will come equipped with the knowledge of the amenities and features that people are frequently concerned with, but it’s worth doing some research of your own to determine the components that you care about most. Below are just a few of the features and amenities that you may want to ask your agent about:


aerial view of the seabrook island beach club and pool

We wrote a post a few weeks ago about the factors of a good location, and there’s a reason why we’re mentioning it again. Of all the features of a home, where it is located is probably the most important. Even if a house has all of the amenities and features on your wishlist, you may want to reconsider purchasing if the location does not accommodate your needs.

Your real estate agent can sort listings based on the kind of views you desire, such as waterfront or golf course views. They can also filter for gated communities and houses located in cul-de-sacs.

Home Materials

Have you always wanted a brick home? On the other hand, maybe you know that you do not want a house made of bricks. Your agent can help you choose which materials to include or exclude based on your likes.

Yard Size and Features

Even within the same community, the size and shape of yards can vary drastically. Desiring features like patios, courtyards, and gardens can further narrow down your selections.

Flooring and Carpeting


Did you know that MLS searches can get as specific as whether or not the home has carpeting? If you know you’re going to be doing some remodeling, something like this may not be important. However, if you want something move-in ready, you can request that your agent find homes matching this preference.

Type of Home

In your home selection process, you may want to factor in the age of the home, the construction style, the number of levels, or the type of heating. Home type can also incorporate things like the number of rooms, what each of those rooms are designed for, and what the overall layout is.

Energy Efficiency Features

You can always install more energy efficiency features (and put into practice some tips that don’t require much effort), but some homes definitely come more equipped than others. If you know that you want a home with solar panels and skylights, tell your agent.

Neighborhood Features

While you can change just about everything on your own property, it’s much more difficult to implement changes in the new neighborhood. Amenities like tennis courts, swimming pools, and golf courses within the neighborhood are major items to consider.

Having a list of features and amenities in mind can help to focus your house search, but remember that choosing a home is a holistic process. Know which items you do not want to compromise on, but also be aware of the ones that are more flexible. If you’re considering purchasing a home on Seabrook Island, check out our real estate listings or contact an agent today!

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