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Helpful Hints For Island Life at Seabrook

Posted 09/29/2021

Aerial shot of Seabrook Island

Photo by Seamon Whiteside

It’s no secret that Seabrook Island, SC, is surrounded by natural beauty. As a community, we want to ensure that we are preserving the environment and allowing residents to enjoy our amenities — now and in the future. 

To keep our private island in tip-top shape, we’ve compiled a few tips to help our oceanfront community care for this wonderful place that we call home and take full advantage of all that Seabrook Island has to offer. 

Best beach in Charleston

Photo by Bre Bogert


One of the best parts of living in a private island community is the exclusive Seabrook Island beaches. With two beach areas, nearly four miles of shoreline, nine boardwalks, spectacular views, and a luxurious resort-style Club, Seabrook Island, SC, is a true exclusive ocean paradise. Here are a few tips to help you maximize your island time. 

Helpful Hints

  • Take your pick. Whether you’re in the mood for activity and adventure or relaxation and serenity, Seabrook Island, SC, has a beach area for you! North Beach is the place to go for exploration, wildlife sightings, and stunning sunrises. Pelican Beach, also known as Sunset Beach, is known for its soft waves, gentle currents, and, of course, unmatched sunsets, making it a great choice for families and young children. Learn more about our Seabrook Island beaches here.
  • Stock up at the Seabrook Shoppe. Forget your sunscreen or water bottle? The Seabrook Shoppe has you covered. From snacks and cold drinks to water toys and swimming gear, the Beach Club’s Seabrook Shoppe is your go-to for beach day necessities. The Shoppe closes on September 30 for the winter season, but don’t worry! Freshfields Village is a short drive, bike ride, or walk from the main gates. You’ll find groceries, shopping, dining, and more at this local hub.
  • Leave the beach looking just the way you found it. Take home all of your trash and belongings, fill in holes, smooth down sandcastles, and clean up after your dog. Not only does this keep our Seabrook Island beaches looking pristine, but it also protects the wildlife and leaves a clear path for baby loggerhead sea turtles to make their way to the ocean!
  • Follow the Beach Restrictions. Some areas of the beach are off-limits to beachgoers, and all areas have pet requirements in place. As a rule of thumb, keep your distance from wildlife habitats and stay off of the dunes — just one footstep can damage the root systems that hold them in place! Check out a map of dog-friendly beach areas and a full list of Seabrook Island beach rules here


There’s plenty to do on the Island, especially if you have an amenity card on hand! If you’re renting on Seabrook Island and plan to enjoy  Club Amenities, be sure to check with your host about obtaining amenity cards for your stay. Reference our Amenity Guide for detailed information on all of our Seabrook Island Club perks. 

Amenities (Club Amenity Card Access Required)

A Club Amenity Card is required for the following amenities: 

  • On-Island Dining at Pelican’s Nest, Osprey Cafe, and Island House (Find the most up to date hours and openings here)
  • Golf 
  • Beach Club and Pools
  • Tennis & Pickleball Courts
  • Lake House Fitness Center & Indoor/Outdoor Pools*
*The Lake House is an amenity of the Seabrook Island Property Owners Association, and a Lake House Amenity Card is required for access. A Club amenity card includes Lake House access. 


  • Stay Safe by Following Bike Rules: Seabrook Island Road is the main road that forms an approximate 6 mile loop around the Island. It’s a long stretch, and usually a bit busier than the rest of the side roads throughout Seabrook. If you’re biking on the main road, make sure you stay on the side and ride single file.  Read more helpful safety guidelines for bikers, joggers, skaters, and vehicles on the Town of Seabrook’s Tidelines Blog. 

Booking Activities and Rentals at Seabrook Island

    • Plan in Advance to Saddle Up: Horseback riding on the beach is one of the most unique activities at Seabrook, and our Equestrian Center does a wonderful job of making sure it’s fun for everyone! Book as far in advance as you can to ensure availability, as the Equestrian Center is one of our most popular spots! Trail and pony rides, as well as lessons and boarding, are also available.  
    • Don’t Forget to Book Your Board (or Bike, or Boat!):  Third-Party Rental Companies for bikes, kayaks, paddleboards, and even boats are available for Seabrook Island. We recommend working with a trusted vendor, and booking rentals for your visit before you get to the Island. 
    • Tee Up at One of Our Golf Courses: Tee times are always in demand on Seabrook Island! Our Members and their guests enjoy 2 state of the art courses year-round. Remember to keep moving through the game, and be early for your tee time. Brush up on the course stats and policies with our 2021 Amenity Brochure before your next game. 

Wildlife in Charleston

Photo by Glen Cox


The abundant natural beauty of Seabrook Island is what sets the community apart from other areas, and we work hard to preserve it. As an Audubon International Certified Sustainable Community, our trademark island sanctuary is rooted in sustainability and responsible environmental management. From loggerhead sea turtles to bobcats, tree frogs to bald eagles, we’re proud to provide an exceptional home to both our human and animal residents. Keep reading for some pointers on getting to know our local wildlife neighbors.

Helpful Hints

  • Take a nature walk. Seabrook Island’s nature trails lead you through the marshes and forests that frame the island — ranging from beginner to advanced. Keep an eye out for Piebald Deer peeking through the trees and Roseate Spoonbills nesting in the branches. Most importantly, don’t forget to close your eyes, breathe deeply, and listen to the sounds of the wild.
  • Know when to go. Different animals are active at different times. If you’re interested in seeing a particular animal, look into their behavior patterns and plan your walk accordingly. The best time to see wading birds is either right before or after high tide when the rising water has encouraged them to come closer to shore. To see bottlenose dolphins strand feeding, your best bet is to check out Captain Sam’s Inlet during low tide – just remember to keep your distance and read the viewing rules before you go.
  • Respect the wildlife. We know it’s tempting to get up close and personal with a fascinating wild critter, but for the safety of both you and the wildlife, give them space. Avoid flash photography and loud noises, don’t damage the plant life bordering the trail and do not approach nests or young. Being quiet and cautious is the best way to keep the animals calm so you can observe them longer. 
  • Share with the community. Our Seabrook Island, SC, community has an enthusiastic appreciation for wildlife, and there’s a variety of ways to get involved. Seabrook Island encourages residents and their guests to report an animal sighting, view other residents’ reports on our Seabrook Island Wildlife Map, or download the Dolphin Count app for dolphin-specific reporting.  

riding bikes on the beach

Social Groups

Looking for ways to get involved but don’t know where to start? Lucky for us, Seabrook Island has a multitude of social groups residents can join with a wide range of interests to tap into. 

Helpful Hints

  • Check out your options. You may share an interest in a niche subject that other Seabrook Island residents have begun a social group for. Looking to relax and recharge with your next great read? Get involved with our Book Club. Want to tap into your creative juices? Join the Seabrook Island Artist Guild. 
  • Work together! Several of our social groups are focused on observing and preserving nature, like SI Turtle Patrol, SI Natural History Group, and Seabrook Island Birders. Learn more about our social groups and get involved today! 
  • Share your ideas. Seabrook Island special interest groups value the opinion of each member. Think you have an idea to help improve the island for your fellow residents? We’re all ears. Contacting the Lake House Manager is the first step in bringing your idea to life.

Seabrook Island artists guild

It’s easy to get out and immerse yourself in the wonderful private community when the world is at your fingertips. From scenic bike rides along Seabrook Island beaches to sunbathing at the community pools, the Island offers something for all members, residents, and their guests to enjoy. 

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